Army Expected to Pick JLTV Winner Soon

Defense contractors competing for a contract to build the U.S. military's replacement to the iconic Humvee are eagerly awaiting a decision from the Army.

Defense contractors competing for a contract to build the U.S. military’s replacement to the iconic Humvee are eagerly awaiting a decision from the Army.

Humvee-maker AM General, truck-maker Oshkosh Corp. and defense contracting giant Lockheed Martin Corp. are vying to begin production of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, or JLTV.

An announcement on which company will be chosen to build the first 17,000 production models of the vehicle is expected either this week or next, sources told

Overall, the Army and the Marine Corps plan to buy a total of 54,720 JLTVs to replace about a third of the Humvee fleet at an estimated cost of more than $30 billion, or about $559,000 per vehicle, according to Pentagon budget documents.

That figure, which rose from earlier estimates, includes expenses for research and development, overhead and add-on equipment such as radios, weapons and armor. Officials have said the cost of manufacturing the vehicle alone will be about $250,000.

The companies submitted their final bids to the Army in February. Each of the firms previously delivered 22 prototypes for testing under an earlier contract.

Over the past decade, the Pentagon spent nearly $50 billion buying 25,000 or so of the bigger, mine-resistant ambush protected, or MRAP, vehicles as part of a rapid-acquisition effort spearheaded by then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates to better protect troops from roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thousands of the hulking vehicles were subsequently scrapped, mothballed or handed down to local police departments because the military never intended them to be a permanent part of the tactical wheeled vehicle fleet.

Now, the Army and Marine Corps are trying to incorporate some of the lessons learned from the wars into a lighter vehicle. “As we move forward, it will be a central piece of the Army,” former Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno said in June of the JLTV.

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  • AIM

    Lockheed Martin monopoly

  • Lance

    A waste of millions for a large oversize target on the battlefield.

  • JBC

    My money is on AM General…good luck to all.

  • Ace223

    AM General must win to survive.

    Lockheed and to a lesser extent Oshkosh are fat enough.

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    Lockheed has the most K street firepower.

  • B-RAD

    I find it funny that they are still trying to replace the old jeep, it would go anywhere and if it did get stuck which was rare 4-5 guys could lift it out. Now they something like an MRAP without all the wieght.. but still to heavy to self recover. When you up armor anything you lose mobility.. fact. Nothing will get around with the armor that is requested that can go much off road. Much like the MRAPS, these will be basically restricted to somewhat improvee services to hard ball only and all the bad guy has to do run off uinto the woods and we can not follow .

  • brad

    If oshkosh doesn’t get it it’s over for them

    • Winston

      That's not true. They have many products in service and still being bought. They have survived for many years off of the heavy military trucks, and will still have their business.

      True, this contract would be huge for them, but it's not like they'll be dead without it.

  • GAC

    1. IRT cost includes "…add-on equipment such as radios, weapons…," the PM-JLTV doesn't buy radios OR weapons – these are taken off the displaced vehicles. 2. IRT mobility of JLTV; if one actually READ the RFP, they would know the JLTV won't be road-bound like many MRAPs are. 3. And, I truly hope award is to the company that built the best vehicle in the 2 earlier phases. If "maintaining the industrial base" is a factor, AM General will win, cuz thats all they build, though they (and OTC) get a buncha pork Moola throw at them just to keep workers employed. (I didn't think purpose of DoD was a Guarantee Jobs Agency, but it appears to be…that is how our "elected" reps get elected…)

  • Brian B. Mulholland

    Let's hope that the winning vehicle is selected on some other basis than the dollars spent on K street. Naive, but one can hope.

  • Joe

    Going with Oshkosh. Proven winner. Pentagon should not hand $30B to Am General (which might be sold), or Lockheed Martin, unproven in ground vehicles,(to this extent). Diesel-Electric drive might emerge here as THE technology!!! Military spends $10 Billion on oil per year. Diesel-Electric has cost savings across the board. OSK M-ATV proven to save lives.

  • Chance

    My money is on Lockheed. I hear their vehicles performed best during testing.