Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

Oshkosh Defense, LLC Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. Photo: Oshkosh Defense, LLC.

Army Places Order for More JLTVs

The U.S. Army has placed a $42 million order with Oshkosh Defense, LLC to build Joint Light Tactical Vehicles. Oshkosh is slated to manufacture 130…

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Despite Protest, Oshkosh Bullish After JLTV Win

Despite an ongoing legal challenge to its contract, truck-maker Oshkosh Corp. remains bullish on its ability to produce a Humvee replacement for the Army and Marine Corps.


Lockheed, AM General May Protest JLTV Award

Defense contracting giant Lockheed Martin and Humvee-maker AM General may protest the Army’s decision to award a contract to truck-maker Oshkosh to build a Humvee replacement.

Oshkosh's Joint Light Tactical Vehicle offering (Photo courtesy Oshkosh)

Oshkosh Wins $6.7 Billion JLTV Contract

Oshkosh Corp. on Tuesday won a $6.7 billion military contract to begin building a replacement for the iconic Humvee called the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.

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Army Expected to Pick JLTV Winner Soon

Defense contractors competing for a contract to build the U.S. military’s replacement to the iconic Humvee are eagerly awaiting a decision from the Army.

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Army Seeks New Trucks While Upgrading MRAPs

The U.S. Army is pressing ahead with plans to buy a replacement for the iconic Humvee, even as it upgrades heavier blast-resistant trucks now part of the fleet.