JSOW C-1 adds moving maritime target capability and the two-way strike common weapon datalink to the combat-proven weapon. (Photo courtesy Raytheon)

Navy to Deploy New Fighter-Launched Weapon

The U.S. Navy will soon deploy a new air-launched, precision-guided weapon that features a two-way data-link to identify and destroy moving targets at sea, giving…

Lt. Col. George Watkins, the 34th Fighter Squadron commander, drops a GBU-12 laser-guided bomb from an F-35A Lightning II at the Utah Test and Training Range Feb. 25, 2016. The 34th FS is the Air Force's first combat unit to employ munitions from the F-35A. (U.S. Air Force photo/Jim Haseltine)

Air Force Combat Units Drop Bombs from F-35A

U.S. Air Force combat units dropped bombs from the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter for the first time, the service announced. Pilots flying the stealthy fifth-generation…

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Unit Costs Surge for MQ-8 Fire Scout Drone

The cost increases for the Navy’s MQ-8 Fire Scout unmanned chopper and the Air Force’s Joint Precision Approach and Landing System may put the programs at risk of cancellation.

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Radar Deal Tops $17 Billion in October Contracts

The total is less than a third of the value of agreements announced in September, which is typically the busiest time of year for federal contracting as employees rush to ink deals before the end of the fiscal year.

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Raytheon Sells Stingers for Apaches Abroad

Raytheon, which anticipates additional business for helicopter-launched Stingers in the Middle East and Southwest Asia, is also benefiting from marketing efforts by Boeing Co.