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10 Things To Know Before Flying Private {July 2021} Read It!

10 Things To Know Before Flying Private {July 2021} Read It! >> So you have decided to travel by air. Thus, starts the endless procedure no unlike the kafkaesque of a bureaucratic office: booking the ticket, queuing up at the counter, carrying the luggage to and fro at the airport, waiting for hours, checking up at the entrance, rechecking at the plane entrance and finding your seat in the spider nest of seats. 

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Why not consider flying private?

When you decide to book a flight, you are likely to book a seat on a commercial airline. But when you book a charter flight, you book the plane for your service for a specific period. Though it is more expensive than its counterpart, a private charter comes with unmatched experience, extensive luxury, and availability at your convenience. 

Why not consider flying private 2021

Commercial flights require you to book your ticket, go through extensive security checks, and wait in a queue with no exceptions for urgent situations or emergency passengers. But when you charter a flight, you are hiring the plane for your service, so you can arrive 15 minutes before the flight, check-in, and travel well within your schedule-no delays, no interruptions. 

You can charter a plane through large airlines or even private companies. Their cabin crew is trained to provide class 1 services and keep you comfortable throughout your flight. Some charter planes are booked by tour companies who provide flights as a part of complete vacation booking, car reservations, hotels, and destinations. Or you can book your own for a circle of people traveling to a destination like a business party, school event, or an organization. 

Flying privately gives you more control over your schedule, allowing you to plan meticulously, offer freedom of destination so you can travel to remote places, and ensure complete safety. Complete Aviation will ensure a luxury air travel experience without compromising on your safety and schedule. 

But you must be careful with whom you book your journey. You can arrange your charter from the airline itself or through a third-party agent that will book it for you. While booking a charter for traveling solo might be a stretch, it might lower the individual cost if a group of individuals books a charter. 

travel experience without compromising on your safety and schedule 2021

Things to know about yourself when flying private:

  • When and where are you flying? 

It is extremely important to plan and work the schedule and destination before you are up for flying private. Be sure to work out the dates and times and if you require a return flight. Work out your itinerary before you book in your private charter. 

Flying a private charter helps you broaden your destination choices as you are not obligated to land on commercial airports made for accommodating bigger aircraft. It allows you access to smaller airports; this helps you trim down any unnecessary stops and traveling expenses.

  • Who are you bringing with you? 

Company matters. Before you book a jet, you need to decide who. What you will be traveling with, so that your operator decides an aircraft that will suit your needs, the number of seats that your party will occupy, the weight factor, the amount of luggage they will bring with them, has to be factored in. Although private charter aircraft are expensive, with some company, it will split the cost and bring down the individual expense. It is a luxury; you might as well get the best out of it. 

Who are you bringing with you 2021

  • Are you flexible with the dates/times? 

Even though you are free to decide the time and date of your flight, you need to keep in mind the weather is not something you can control. So you must book the dates that can accommodate last-minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances. Or, if you are not flexible with the dates, you must let the private charter operator know of the same. 

That being said, Private flights are very flexible with your dates as compared to commercial flights. With commercial flights, travelers are requested to arrive 2 hours before the boarding time for domestic flights and 3 hours before for international flights. Private jets, however, do not have such requirements, so Clients often arrive only 15 minutes before the boarding time. Having a self implicated rule proves to be very beneficial, so arriving an hour before boarding to have the paperwork done in time will be great.

  • What extras will you be bringing? 

You must let the charter operator know of all the luggage you will be bringing or if there will be pets accompanying you on your flight. Do not forget to mention the type of luggage you will be carrying; for example, a business trip with your colleagues will have many laptops and electronics onboard that require you to shut them off before taking off. Likewise, a sports team will carry much sports-related paraphernalia, which the crew should be aware of. 

What extras will you be bringing 2021

  • Look out for sub-charges: 

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are provided with what you are paying for. You are highly suggested to go through the paperwork and see if you are being overcharged by the operator and clear it out if any other errors seem sketchy. you can also trim down additional and unnecessary charges to lessen the expenses. Companies must be completely transparent and not charge for anything that is on paper.

Things to know about booking the private charter flight:

  • How do you book a flight? 

You may book a flight through travel agents that make all the processes easier and include their fees in the cost. But since travel agencies have many customers that need the airplane service every day, they can secure discounts for your booking that may otherwise cost you full charges with additional taxes and servicing fees. 

On the other hand, you can check the airport’s website you want to travel to and contact the aircraft operator based at your location. You are eliminating the third party and hence ask the operator for a quote without the extra charges. You are eliminating the flight repositioning charges as the operator is based in the same location as yours. 

Private jet brokers are the middlemen that simply match the customer with the right aircraft operators. 

  • Do they own the plane or manage it? 

Charter operators either buy or lease the aircraft. However, most of the work is done by the management company that manages the aircraft for the individual owner. You don’t have to be through; only make sure that the aircraft you fly in is legal, and the company is legitimate. Then, the management company takes care of the pilots, schedules, maintenance, necessary insurance, and compliance with FAA regulations – under Part 135 to let others rent it when the owner is not flying. 

You can check the FAA website and enter the aircraft tail number to access information concerning your flight like Aircraft type, Registered owner, Manufacture date

  • Is the aircraft insured?

Check the aircraft and the operator insurance that is valid in the present. Check the correct numbers on the documents so that you don’t fly under false assumptions. 

The operator will add you as insured under the section of “additionally insured.” 

Is the aircraft insured 2021

  • Are they legally sound?

You want to find the history of the operator and the aircraft you have booked and must make a point of finding out if the aircraft has a record of accidents, close cuts, or any unsafe practices. Be sure that your private charter and its team takes appropriate precautions and advises you of the same. 

A major red flag that will not be apparent to you unless you dig into the history of the aircraft and its operator is if they have had any lawsuits or legal records of misconduct. You might not feel safe flying with a track record and must wait for the lawsuit to end before booking a flight with them. 

  • What will happen if there’s a maintenance issue?

If you cannot take off due to some unseen circumstances, an efficient charter operator will have a second aircraft available for you as a backup plan. You need not scramble your appointments as the aircraft service will change accordingly and help you reach your destination without delay and provide a smooth flight. However, not all private charters can provide a second option, so you must enquire about plan B beforehand. 


Private charter flights help you have the best air experience without compromising on comfort and luxury. It provides you facilities and class 1 treatment that truly enhances your travel experience. Arrive in style and on time to the events that will forever be in your memory. 

Book your private flight today!

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