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10 Weird Team Sports Everyone Should Play Once in Their Lifetime

10 Weird Team Sports: Everyone who has played any form of sport in their lives will claim and tell you happily that it has changed their lives for the better. Sports are a way of life. They are feelings and emotions. You can also testify to this. Remember, watching any world cup match, irrespective of which sports world cup it is (be it hockey, cricket, football, rugby, etc.) there are so many people experiencing the same emotions together. Sports are a beautiful way of connecting people. 

And that is not just it. They are obviously the best form of physical activity that there could be. There are numerous benefits to playing sports.

  • They play a very positive role in heart health. People who play sports are noted to have fewer heart related issues. It also helps lower blood pressure.
  • Playing any form of sports has a tremendous effect on reducing the levels of stress and anxiety in a person’s life.
  • Not only does playing a sport make you fitter, it also helps you build diverse connections, both social and official.
  • The number one disease that the entire world is currently struggling to overcome is diabetes. And sports are a great physical activity for people to pick up if they want to reduce their risk of developing diabetes.
  • There is this amazing quality of teamwork that sports teach us. Irrespective of the fact that you play a team sport or a solo sport. Because it takes an entire team to achieve victory.
  • Playing a sport can aid in reducing body fat effectively in a way that doesn’t hinder muscle growth and activity (that usually happens through bad or unsustainable dieting).
  • People today have jam packed schedules where there is no or very little time to rest. They are in dire need of better sleep. And sports can help. They have proven to be effective in positively influencing sleep cycles.
  • When you are consistent with a sport, you will most definitely start to see internal as well as external benefits. The major external change is your improved appearance. And the internal change would be your improved moods.
  • Playing a sport could prove to be free entertainment too. There are some team sports that are full of entertainment. They are the hidden gems of the sports industry.

If you do not believe the last point, here are some weird team sports that you need to experience in your life.

Also known as the ultimate frisbee. It is played between two teams of seven players each. The goal is to catch the flying frisbees and deliver them to the endzones. This is a no contact sport. Players are not allowed to run with the frisbees.

  • Chessboxing

It is a mix of chess and boxing. There are six bouts of chess and six bouts of boxing. bout lasts for three minutes. These players are supposed to play these bouts alternatively.

  • Slipper stairs

This is a game where players are supposed to climb on top of a staircase and press the button placed on top. But the twist is that the stairs are very slippery, making it inevitable for them to fall. Players climb these stairs at the same time. So when one falls, all of them fall.

  • Muggle Quidditch or Quidditch

If you remember watching this game in the Harry Potter movies, then you are correct. But the game of muggle quidditch is played with a broom stick between the legs. There is no flying involved, if you were wondering about it. 

  • Bike Polo 

As the name suggests, it is polo played on bikes. It is a cheaper variant of horse polo. A team of three players tries to outrun each other. Bouts last for 10 to 15 minutes. A mallet is used in the game to hit the hockey ball on the court.

  • Ferret Legging

It is a high tolerance game. And that is just it. It is about how much endurance the players have. In this game, players try to keep a ferret in their trousers for as long as they can. And the team that had the longest time, wins.

  • Sepak Takraw

It is played in teams of three. And the playing field is similar to that of a volleyball court. There is a net, and players are needed to make the ball touch the opponent’s ground. The twist is that use of legs and hands is forbidden. So players use their feet, heads, knees, etc. to score.

  • Bo-Taoshi

It is really a team sport in its true spirit. There are two huge teams of 150 players each. Half the team plays defence and the other half attacks. The goal is to dismantle the opposing team’s pillar.

  • Yugikassen

It is a huge snow ball game where the teams have seven players each. Every player gets 90 snowballs to attack the opposing team. The goal is to defend themselves from any enemy snowball attacks. 

  • Extreme Ironing

Yes, it is a game. The players go to extreme places like; hills, under water, uneven terrain, etc. With their unplugged irons and ironing tables. And there they iron their clothes in competitive spirits. They refer to themselves as “ironists.”

After reading the list, you will most definitely believe me. So try these weird team sports with your friends, and if academic commitments are hindering you from doing so, you can reach out for online assignment help and have a stellar time.

Author Bio:

Barack Trump is a sportsperson who has been travelling around the globe trying different local sports. He has been working with Global Assignment Help as a freelancer to assist distressed young people with picking up one or more sports in order to reduce the pressure in their lives. He offers online assignment help to generate some free time for students to participate in sports. In his free time, he enjoys listening to jazz.

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