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105 Freeway Accident {April} What Incident Happened!

Here you will get all information about the 105 Freeway Accident. Stay joined by our page for more news articles.

Do you want to know about the incident in Downey? Do you want to know about the suspected women under the influence of this accident? If yes, connect with this article to get more information.

A suspected woman was arrested after the fiery crash in Downey in California, United States. 105 freeway left the California officers on the highway and one civilian injured in the accident on Thursday Morning said authorities. Here is only sharp detail; if you want to get brief details on the 105 Freeway Accident, read the article until it ends. 

Crash on 105 freeway

After midnight, the California officers reacted to the crashed single vehicle on the west side of Lakewod Blvd, known as the 105 freeway. At the time, CHP officers reacted to the first collision of vehicles, but the second collision also occurred in the same area where the officers responded.

Officers reached the spot areas at 12:17 am. They cannot move the collided vehicle from its place and decide to set the flare pattern under the carpool lane and first lane. As per the reports from the investigators on the 105 Freeway Accident Today 2022, they also ensured safety by striking the rear side of the patrol vehicle parked on the freeway side. 

This news comes at 1:24 am. The patrol vehicle strikes one of the California officers standing aside from the vehicle. After some time, the petrol vehicle turned into a fire, and two officers were inside the vehicle.

Efforts made by the officers after the fire

After the fire caught the petrol vehicle parked at the side of the freeway, two officers were still inside the petrol vehicle. When the other officers see the fire under the 105 Freeway Accident, they suddenly move to the burning car to save the two officers inside this petrol car.

They tried to pull the two officers from the burning car because the flames of the fire were too strong. It was made successful when the other good officer, Samaritan, pulled the third officer from the burning car and moved away with him from this burning car. We appreciate the efforts made by the other California officers to save the lives of two officers who were inside the petrol car. Their courage got out the officers from the burning car.

Reports on 105 Freeway Accident

It has come from California Highway patrol reports that the suspect car hits the petrol vehicle, and by strucking the one vehicle with other vehicles, it caught the strong flames and leads fire. Then, the three injured officers were taken to the hospitals in that area to moderate their injuries.


In this article, we give you brief information about the accident on the 105 freeway and how the officers together made efforts to avoid the mishappening caused by the fire. For more information on the incident, visit this page.

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