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1092Paradise Com (Mar) Need Answer About Scary Face?

1092Paradise Com (Mar) Need Answer About Scary Face? >> Did you see the creepy yet scary face video and clue doors on Tik Tok? Learn more about it here.

Did you hear about 1092paradise com? This website is getting popular and trendy on the Tik tok platform. The website seems to be from the United States, but nothing is for sure.

A scary clip from this website was trending on the mentioned platform, making everyone search for it. 

No information is as such provided directly on the website. But do not worry because in this article you will be able to find all the information we have gathered about it from relevant resources.

So, let us begin with the report.

What is 1092paradise com?

1092paradise.com is an online website that is very strange yet fun to explore. The website’s homepage says, “Are You Ready,” and below it, there are two options to choose from: I want a paradise or Click and follow me. 

The ‘click and follow me’ option will take you to the Instagram handle of Aria Cyrus. And the ‘I want a paradise’ option will take you to another page. The page reads ‘The choices are there’ below which two doors are displayed- one red and one yellow.

If you choose any of the entries on it, paradise is not for you, and it will probably make you wonder why is it so? And the answer is that it is because you did not go well down to the bottom. 

There will be the third door when you scroll deep down to the bottom of the door page. When you click on it, the popular scary face video will appear with some music played in the background.

Some facts about 1092paradise com: 

Here are some interesting facts about the mentioned website-

  • The website was made on wix.com and is an Arg.
  • The domain age of the website is less than one month. It was registered on 19 December 2020.
  • The picture displayed on the ‘Paradise isn’t for you’ page is taken from Marvel Hornets season 1 video titled ‘Masky breaks into Jay’s apartment.’
  • The creepy music behind the scary Gif is taken from the Sound Restoration Recording from 1860. This music is still available on YouTube.

People Reviews:

People reacted very strangely for 1092paradise com and its creepy Gif or video. Many said that they saw the video first on Tik Tok, which made them search for it. Some were amazed, and some found the video to be weird and annoying.

A few also mentioned that after watching the video, they could not sleep alone at night.

Did you watch the video? Was it annoying, creepy, or scary? Tell us in the comment section.

Final Verdict:

The sort of scary video was made trending on Tik Tok as an Arg. It was a way to popularize the original website registered recently.

We mentioned some facts collected about 1092paradise com from the Internet. We think that the website is registered in the United States. We also recommend you to check out the website yourself if you are not that scared! And don’t forget to hit us in the comments below talking about your experience.

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