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32M Luxury Goods Scam {July 2022} Useful Information!

The article discusses the recent fraud case 32M Luxury Goods Scam and also describes the incident in the brief discussion. 

Have you heard about a big scam like 32 M Luxury? Recently, the investigation team detected fraud in the South-East country of Singapore. The police have disclosed the culprits, and still, the team is finding the clues about the scam. 

But many people are affected by the scam, and these people want to know the facts of the fraud. For this reason, in this article, we should discuss the matter and give some ideas about the 32M Luxury Goods Scam

What Do You Know About the 32M Luxury? 

Pi Jiapeng and Pansuk Siriwipa are the mastermind of this scam. Now, Pi Jiapeng is a citizen of Singapore city, and the woman is a citizen of another South-East country, Thailand. The story failed the Hollywood movie. 

The duo used to attend the expensive restaurant. The masterminds visited these restaurants and dined with the wealthy visitors. Pamuk used to make friends with rich people by involving them disguisedly. And they took these visitors to their exclusive property for a visit. 

32M Luxury Goods Scam– The Next Step

Pi and Pansuk told these visitors that they owned an expensive property near Holland Grove. Per their version, it is a triple-story building with four expensive, world-renowned cars. The duo also used branded clothes and expensive watches. Pi and Pansuk approached the visitors to sell these costly watches and took the advance. 

The victims paid for the passages but didn’t get the delivery. At last, in June 2022, the victims launched a case against these people. After getting the complaint, the police started investigating and arrested them both. 

32M Luxury Goods Scam– Recent Status of the Case

The cost of luxury items is 32 million USD. First local police identified both Pi and Pansuk and started an investigation on them. On 27 June 2022, police arrested Pi. But on 28 June 2022, Pi got bail, and the police released him. But after the day, the police didn’t trace the couple. 

In the meanwhile, the police have taken their passport. But the police didn’t know anything about Pi. The lady Siriwipa has already submitted her passport and helped the police to find Pi in the 32M Luxury Goods Scam.

The Recent Update

Now the police have taken help from Interpol. However, Interpol has issued a “Red Notice” against them both. However, police also haven’t traced Siriwipa since 30 June 2022. Presently police have issued a warrant against them and received more than 180 complaints. 

Police also started a “Hotline” number 1800-255-0000 (+65 6255-0000 for other country’s callers) and asked for help from the people. The police also launched a website to get information about the couple. 

At Last

The investigation is still going on. Meanwhile, many people are dissatisfied with the investigation process of the 32M Luxury Goods ScamAll the data is true and has well-trusted sources. You can also check the link for better information. What is your opinion about the investigation process? Comment, please.

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