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4ocean Reviews (Nov 2020) Are You Losing Money Here?

4ocean Reviews (Nov 2020) Are You Losing Money Here? >> This article speaks about an organizational selling bracelet for environmental and anti-plastic activities.

Have you recently been to the beaches in the United States and found them appallingly dirty? If you have, then you just had the same experience as Alex and Andrew which lead to the creation of 4ocean.com.

4ocean Reviews are here today to give you an insight into their organization, their work, their impact and most importantly, their recycled products and the beautiful bracelets. But what we bring to you is also the information on the legitimacy of the site.

So, read on and judge yourself if you should buy from them.

What is 4oceans.com?

Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper had visited a beach for a holiday and decided they needed to give back to the environment by cleaning up the beaches and oceans. Thus launched 4ocean.com in January of 2017, as a Non-profit selling bracelet for charity and organizing a beach clean-up activities. They are very vocal against plastic usage.

Recently as found by 4ocean Reviews, the duo has expanded to reusable eco-friendly bags and cool jackets, reusable bottles and cups beside the bracelets. The bracelets, however, continue to remain the most popular items for 4ocean.com. 

4ocean.com right now has a vast fan following covering almost the entire United States along with several other countries. They even have a dolphin rescue operation that has gained a lot of attention and popularity. 


  • Website type: Website selling reusable, recycled products
  • Website: https://www.4ocean.com/
  • Shipping Time: 2-3 business days for processing order. 3-7 business days for Domestic orders. International orders take 7-14 days.
  • Return/Refund/Exchanges: There is nothing much mentioned on these topics but the items listed are very cheap ranging from $12 to $20 with free shipping. 
  • Email address:  info@4ocean.com
  • Contact Information: Fill out the form in “https://www.4ocean.com/pages/contact-4ocean”, and the merchant would get back to you.  
  • Address: 4ocean Public Benefit Corporation, 3600 FAU Boulevard, Boca Raton, FL 33431
  • Payments Methods: 4ocean accepts all cards like VISA, Mastercard and others. Paypal and Razorpay is also available. 

4ocean.com- things you would love:

  • The website is a non-profit dedicated to caring for the oceans.
  • The non-profit has been doing a lot of great environment activities.
  • The items are incredibly cheap and trendy.
  • You cannot just buy from the site, but also join their clean beach activities.
  • There are big names associated with 4ocean.

4ocean Reviews found 4ocean.com to be mentioned by Forbes for their anti-plastic campaigns in the United States.

4ocean.com -things you may not like much 

  • The items listed are too cheap for ordering online.
  • As the return/exchange/refund policies are not clear, it is not clear whether the orders would be safe.
  • Also, 4ocean.com is a privately owned organization in the United States and is not obliged to divulge its earning and expenditure details.
  • 4ocean Reviews also found that the corporation, though passing-off as a non-profit is listed as for-profit and conducts transactions like an ecommerce entity. 
  • Although they do organize a lot of eco-friendly and ocean rescue operations, the products they sell have a reputation for having low quality.

Can you trust 4ocean.com as legit?

4ocean Reviews found a lot of information on 4ocean.com, which was pretty mixed.

The organization has a misleading marketing and PR going on, which indirectly projects them as a non-profit. But they are a regular ecommerce business firm in the United States.

The Company has made close to $20 million by selling their products online. And as per their business policies, they are not obligated to spend their earnings on charitable causes. 

Their website is remarkably lacking in contact details beyond an email and their registered address. Their post-sale services are not very strong, and return/exchanges are not there.

However, the entity has done a phenomenal job in terms of beach cleaning, anti-plastic campaigns and dolphin rescue; the organization is legit.

How do customers feel?

4ocean Reviews did not find very favourable reviews on the product. The bracelets do not last beyond 2-3 weeks; however, the reviews are great. Amazon has 79% customers rating them a 5 rating.

Customers are prouder of the environmental impact their purchase is having in the United States, more than the product quality. Hence the favourable reviews.

 Our Verdict

4ocean Reviews would recommend participation in the 4ocean anti-plastic and beach clean-up campaigns in the United States than buy their products. The activities would have a much more direct impact on the environment than the purchases.

The Company profits from the purchases, but the campaigns are the real deal.

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  1. Just rec’d my order. Bracelet for husband is what he wanted but I purchased the 2 pack of masks and I’m TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED. They are adult size???? and barely make a cover. They are not what I expected.. Don’t bother buying them esp if you are a man w/ a man size face !!!!

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