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5 Letter Starting Words Aph {July} 397: Difficult Level!

5 Letter Starting Words Aph has given the word list for solving 21st July Wordle for word game lovers.

Are you a regular Wordle solver looking for words starting with Aph for puzzle number 397? Many Wordle players in Australia were searching for five-letter words beginning with A, P and H. Sometimes, this word game throws a challenge to gamers that is difficult to crack.

Players have only six attempts to solve Wordle, so each attempt should be carefully played. 5 Letter Starting Words Aph has a collection of words that will allow players to crack the game in fewer attempts.

Word List for Solving Wordle 397:

Players trying to solve the 21st July puzzle found their first, second and third tiles turned green with A, P and H letters in the first three places. The difficulty level of today’s Wordle is such that players are still struggling to find the solution after finding the first three letters. We have given a word list that players can use to solve the puzzle.

  • Apart, aphid, aping, apnea, and apple.
  • Apply, apron, aptly, aphis.

 5 Letter Words Starting With Aph:

There are not many five-letter words starting Aph, which is good for gamers finding the solution. Some of the words like aphid and aphis appear to be the words beginning with A P and H, but these two words are not commonly used words in English.

Players attempting to solve the Wordle without the help of the internet may not be able to get to these words. The meaning of the word is given below.

  • Aphid – A small bug known as green or black fly feeds on plant sap.
  • Aphis – The other 5 Letter Words Starting With Aph is Aphis, a genus in the family of Aphididae that works as notorious agricultural pests. 

Hints and clues for 21st July Wordle:

Players can use these hints and clues to crack the game with lesser effort. Solving Wordle with the help of tips and clues give confidence to players in taking on a future challenge.

  • The word has two vowels in it.
  • No letter is repeated in the five-lettered word.
  • It is a kind of bug living on plant sap.
  • People do not commonly use this word.
  • The fifth letter of the word is D.

5 Letter Starting Words Aph on the Difficulty level of Wordle 397:

Although there are not many words starting with Aph, getting to the solution of today’s puzzle is not easy. Its difficulty level can be known by analyzing the below-mentioned points.

  • The most frequent list of words and phrases has listed the word at 19, 148.
  • People are taking 3.9 average attempts to solve this puzzle.
  • A is the second most common letter in the word and the sixth most common starting letter.

Final verdict:

Wordle 397 is a little easier than the previous puzzle, but its solution is not a common word. 5 Letter Starting Words Aph has given hints, clues, and a word list for solving this puzzle, and players can use it judiciously to get to the solution in minimum attempt. 

Have you attempted today’s Wordle? After trying the puzzle, share your experience in the comment section.

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