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5 Letter Word Starting With Ho {May} List With Meanings!

Please scroll down the below article to get the list of 5 Letter Word Starting With Ho, and their meanings.

Do you also play the game Wordle and try to find the answer to everyday puzzles? You also get into tricky situations where you have to find the correct word and are clueless. If yes, then read this article. This article will get to know the possible outcomes of today’s wordle puzzle. 

We will provide 5 Letter Word Starting With Ho in this article as Wordle is a very popular game in countries like Australia, India, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Words have Ho in the starting. 

We have provided below words that start with Ho from a big list. Please read the below five letter words starting with Ho and know their meanings. 

  • Hotel – An establishment where you can get rooms and services for a short term. 
  • Horse – A four-legged domesticated animal that runs.
  • Hover – levitating on a surface.
  • House – a residential building or place where people stay.

Do not miss the below provided 5 Letter Word Starting With Ho and their meanings.

  • Horns – the hard pointy thing present on some animal heads.
  • Hoppy – dried out fruits that are used in making beer.
  • Hooks – a curved piece of metal used to catch fish.
  • Honey – a sticky and sweet substance that groups make of bees.
  • Hoser – a person that is foolish or uncultivated. 
  • Holla – used to greet or grab other’s attention. 
  • Hocks – a part of meat from ham or pork. 
  • Howls- The cry made by animals such as wolves or dogs in a time of misery.

5 Letter Word Starting With Ho: Some More Words

  • Hooka – a traditional pipe used for smoking tobacco or marijuana.
  • Hound – a special breed of dogs for hunting. 
  • Hongi – The act of greeting.
  • Hoist – using ropes to lift something.
  • Hovel – a house in very bad condition or is too dirty to live in.
  • Homie – A neighbour, group, or gang member.
  • Hoggs – A big weighing more than (120 pounds). 
  • Hokes – to give a false artefact. 
  • Honed – A rotating tool used for enlarging the holes. 
  • We have provided some more 5 Letter Word Starting With Ho below.
  • Hodad – when a male usually poses like a surfer. 
  • Holms – A river which contains an island. 
  • Hoagy – submarine sandwich.

Some of the words mentioned earlier are not used daily but could be considered a solution for the Wordle game. 


We have provided all the above words from a big list. You can consider these words and find the answers for today’s Wordle game. Moreover, you will develop good vocabulary skills from these words. 

Hope you got your answer related to 5 Letter Word Starting With Ho. If you want to find more words that begin with Ho, then click here on the link.  

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