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5 Simple Steps for the Preparation of a Thesis {Feb 2021}

 5 Simple Steps for the Preparation of a Thesis {Feb 2021} >> It is very common to hear that the development of a thesis usually becomes a headache, from the beginning to the end. Without a doubt, it is an activity that tests our knowledge, originality, creativity and methodological capacities. This makes it an uphill task in the final phase of our academic studies.

If you are starting the research process for your thesis, you are in the right place. Next I will show you 5 simple steps for the preparation of a thesis successfully. Do not stop reading!

  1. Planning

One of the most important aspects is optimizing time from start to finish. Undoubtedly, a good organization of activities and time will be the key to successfully completing the preparation of your thesis. The process of planning your research work can be carried out in the following activities:


This plan will allow you to organize all the activities to follow. In this way, you can shape your project without having to improvise. An optimal work plan should cover the first searches, research, some practices, readings, materials and resources.

Preliminary draft

A preliminary project will help you define the topic to be investigated, necessary materials and resources; thus helping you to delimit the subject. This previous work is necessary and important, since it will avoid all kinds of future problems related to the investigation.

Establish a Scheme

An outline allows you to visualize more clearly where you are going, that is, it will allow you to put together the body of research and also make sense of it.

There are many schematic models. However, all research has standardized elements that you cannot fail to take into account. Among them we have: define the research, justify it, glossary of terms, objectives, hypotheses, theoretical or reference framework and methodology.

  1. Time of choice

This step is really one of the most important and difficult at the same time in the development of a thesis. We don’t want to make mistakes starting out, as the topic will be your companion for a long time. My first recommendation is that you should feel identified with the topic you choose. And not only that, you must be convinced that this topic is worth studying.

One of the golden rules in choosing the topic, without a doubt, is that it be of interest to the researcher. That this be related to their cultural, political, social world, hobbies, among others. If you want to be successful in choosing a topic, keep the following in mind:

  • It must be a useful topic.
  • Delimit as much as you can, avoid the width and work safely.
  • Choose a feasible topic, this requires that you have access to the sources and also have the ability to master them.
  1. Choice of tutor

To choose the ideal tutor you must consider that he must have demonstrable experience in the area you have chosen to investigate. A tutor has the responsibility to guide you throughout the investigative process, and contribute her knowledge to it. Do not make the mistake of choosing a tutor out of friendship, laziness or interest in getting your thesis done. Remember that your tutor will become a co-investigator of the work, and must be empowered to reach the end of it.

  1. Choice of type of investigation

Once you have chosen the topic and the object of the research, it is time to decide the type of research you will develop. 

  1. Review of writing and style rules 

All research of a scientific nature ends with the publication of the work carried out. A good thesis must have precision, clarity and brevity after the manuscript has been thoroughly reviewed several times by the scientific community. You should also take care of the style, using grammar resources and writing short sentences. Remember that science should be written in an impersonal active voice, avoiding value judgments at all costs.

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