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60up Reviews {June} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

60up Reviews {June} Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> In this article, you get to know about an e-commerce store that offers a wide array of balance products at economical prices.

Do you buy exercise boards and other items for improving balance and mobility? If so, then let’s take a look at 60up.com. 

We stumbled upon plenty of 60up reviews online. As our goal is to keep our readers well informed about popular as well as new e-commerce stores, we thought of sharing its details. 

Online buyers, who suffer from conditions that limit their mobility and negatively impact their balance, are always on a lookout for new products and exercise tools that can help them. 

Currently, this site is garnering a lot of attention in the United States. Many people are posting about its products and services. 

If you want to indulge in online shopping for balance boards and nutritional supplements, then this site is the perfect option. Here we’re informing you more about it. 

What is 60up? 

60up is an online shop that sells a variety of items that claim to provide support to any individual who’s suffering from mobility and balance issues. From grip gloves, resistance bands to metal poles, and balance boards, there are plenty of products available on the site. 

The site shares relevant information about its products and lists the instructions to assemble and use balance boards. But is it safe to purchase products from this site? Is 60up.com legit or a scam? Here we answer this pressing question.   

Specifications of 60up.com:

  • Website type – an online store that sells balance products 
  • Delivery time – approximately 2 to 8 working days 
  • Delivery fee –shipping and taxes are displayed at the time of checkout 
  • Cancellation of order – contact customer care before the order gets processed or shipped
  • Return – within 60 days of receiving the product 
  • Refund – available excluding the shipping and handling fee 
  • Mode of payment – PayPal 
  • Company email id – customerservice@60up.com
  • Company address – P.O. Box 101, Newbury Park, CA 91319 
  • Company contact number – 800 481 6087

Pros of buying from 60up.com:

  • There are plenty of balance-promoting items available. 
  • The products are economically priced. 
  • The site offers a 60-days satisfaction guarantee on their best-selling item, 60up balance board. 
  • The e-store offers free shipping on certain items. 

Cons of buying from 60up.com:

  • Customers can’t pay cash on delivery, as the site only accepts PayPal as the mode of payment. 
  • The site issues refunds deducting the shipping and handling taxes. 
  • The site does not specify any fixed shipping cost. 

Is 60up.com legit or not?

The website is well arranged and possesses an SSL certification. All the information about the products and the site’s services are clearly stated. Interested consumers can check the e-store’s FAQ page to learn about the site’s policies regarding shipping and delivery and return and refund. 

Our search shows that the domain is over 17 years old. Also, all the social media icons on the site are active and direct you to the respective pages. The e-store has maintained a strong presence on sites like Facebook and Instagram. These are excellent signs that showcase the site’s trustworthiness. In our opinion, 60up.com is legit. 

What are people saying about 60up.com? 

The site is well established in the e-commerce market, and thus, we found numerous customer reviews posted on it. The site has a separate tab for reviews shared by the buyers. We went through the reviews and found that almost all of the customers appear to be extremely impressed with the products and highly content with the smooth services provided by the site. 

We checked the 60up.com reviews on social media platforms, and a majority of them displayed buyer happiness. People share that the site’s services were prompt and timely. 

However, we did find a couple of negative reviews on other sites in which buyers appeared to be dissatisfied with the products and services. It is quite expected for an established e-store to receive mixed reactions from buyers. 

Final Verdict

We evaluated the various factors of the website and checked online to find out what kind of reviews were buyers posting. As per our search, the site is SSL certified, and the domain is quite old. The site provides various valuable information about its products. 

We believe that the e-store is legit and can be trusted for buying products that may effectively improve a person’s mobility ability. We think our readers may enjoy shopping from this site. Go ahead, try this site,and do share your experience with us. 

9 thoughts on “60up Reviews {June} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

  1. I have never hurt so bad in my life. The DANGER STOP should say it all!!! and Bob Eubanks ashamed for lending his name, standing on and endorsing the 60UP Balance Board for money!!!! Dan Metcalfe looks 2 be under 50 so thanks for hurting not helping the 60 & over crowd. I ride horses so didnt have a balance problem, simply wanted 2 improve and strengthen. I have always kept my weight down and worked out so this has to be an unusually crappy machine. Ive contacted an injury atty after speaking to my Doctor. I will post on every social media site my horrible experience which so far has robbed me of four days. I have a special needs brother and two horses to care for. I followed the instructions and went easy .. thanks a lot again. Ull be hearing from my Attorney

  2. I am having the same problem. After suffering several strokes and going through rehab, I was well on my way to being my old self. I was impressed with the 60 up advertisements and wanted to improve my balance and self confidence when walking. Long story short, the thing is unstable and I suffered a serious fall. Now, I’m back in rehab and suffering chronic pain! I, too, am contacting an attorney regarding this ridiculously dangerous piece of equipment!

  3. this 60up thing certainly looks like a piece of crap. Bob Eubanks should be ashamed trying to scam older people. 250$???? JUNK!!!!!

  4. Yes it is a dangerous piece of equipment. My husbands physical therapist took a look at it and said “send it back”. It is too unsteady for even those who are not recovering from injuries. In addition, the return cost is $40! Would not recommend this device, cheaply made but very expensive.

  5. I think it is a good product but i must return it because of my neuropathy in both feet. iam having problems getting my rma so i can return it. please proviide me with sthe rma info. Bob Gause rgause@neo.rr.com sthank you

  6. On September 24, 2020 I ordered the 60up a down payment of $89.92 was taken from my account, on October 24, 2020 a payment of was taken of $59.99. I have called 60up emailed them due the fact I have NEVER received the 60up. I cannot receive a refund from Partial.ly until 60up cancel my order. This company does not return calls nor emails. I say all this please be very careful about ordering from 60up. I wish I knew what I know now, you can order the 60up from Amazon.

  7. My 93-year old Mom suffered a stroke and needs PT at home, after getting 4 weeks at a facility.
    I saw the ad on TV and thought it might help, but haven’t bought one for her yet.
    It scares me to see all these negative reviews and no positive ones.
    The website shows over 4 stars (out of 5) from customers, so how come there are no positive reviews posted here?
    Don’t think I’ll buy one now.
    Thanks everyone for the comments.
    And thanks to dodbuzz, too.

  8. Chris M.

    It looks like something that anyone could make themselves. A piece of board, some pvc handles, cut a hole in the center and insert a ball with a ring that could be in a race with ball bearings, all of which that can be bought at any good hardware store. But it could be dangerous and easily result in a bad fall. There are much safer ways to regain your balance with some simple exercises. I think this qualifies as a scam at $150! I advise people with balance problems to steer clear of this thing.

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