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#662# To Block Spam Calls (Dec 2020) Avoid Spam Calls!

#662# To Block Spam Calls (Dec 2020) Avoid Spam Calls! >> The information written shares the details on how to block spam calls from your device.

#662# to Block Spam Calls: Are you irritated out of the spam calls that create disturbance in between while on important work? Here is the idea you can block the fake unknown calls from the same number for repeated calls. 

Now blocking the spam calls is as simple as a few button presses away. The people in the United States and globally, dialling #662# from their cell phones to avoid getting fake calls.

Please read this post to get detailed information on how to block the calls that are spam.

#662# to Block Spam Calls: A Few Words

Do you want to stop receiving continuous annoying calls? It is a function on activating which the process blocks the fake and scam calls. The function is available in the United States for all MetroPCS and T-Mobile users. To know how to activate it, please read as below.

How to Activate?

To activate the spam call blocking function, the user has to manually dial #662# from their mobile, which successfully blocks the fake calls. On starting the process, it reports the scam call as ‘ScamLikely,’ and it completely blocks the number so that the user won’t be able to see it in the future.

If the user wishes to deactivate the already activated #662# to Block Spam Calls function for any reason, it is possible just by dialling #632# from the same mobile.

Specifications or Some Detailed Information

  • The function is available for free and easy to access
  • Just by dialling #662#, you can block the spam calls.
  • It is founded in the year 2017. First, it was available only for T-mobile users.
  • Recently, it is also made available for MetroPCS users.
  • You can also deactivate the function whenever you wish to by dialling #632# from the same device.

Is It Safe or not?

Based on the research carried out, we gathered information over the internet that the function is safe and easy to use, and it is legit news. Many users around the world are already using the process. It is launched in the year 2017 and merely dialling #662# number on the device blocks the spam calls manually.

Hence #662# to Block Spam Calls is legit and not a scam, so we suggest you should try this option for free.


The spam call blocking function used by many people is free for all users and is a genuine report, not a scam. If you wish to stop the most annoying calls that interrupt your work, we suggest you try this function.

By dialling #662# from your device, the function gets activated and efficiently blocks the scam calls and stops showing it to users in the future. 

If you know anything about the news #662# to Block Spam Calls, please share your experience in the comments section below.

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