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[Full Watch Video] 85 Year Old Woman Alligator Full Video: What New Is Updtaed For Attacks Elderly News? Find Here!

This article has covered all the information related to 85 Year Old Woman Alligator Full Video with additional information about this case and the woman.

Is The woman from the Alligator video dead? People from the United States and worldwide are shocked after watching the full Alligator attack video. People are writing and commenting about it on all the social media platforms and want to know all the information about it.

If you are here for the same, we have your back. This article will inform you about 85 Year Old Woman Alligator Full Video and additional information.

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What is the 85 years old woman’s video about?

In the full video of the woman and Alligator, that 85-year-old woman was going out to walk her dog. And she was at the edge of the lake when this incident happened.

While walking her dog on the lake’s edge, an alligator from the far came to them through the sea and attacked the dog. The dog escaped, and while trying to protect her beloved god, she fell to the ground. The Alligator then moved toward the lady and grabbed her. At the same time, she was screaming that Alligator had taken her away into the lake with it.

How police reacted to the Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video?

After watching the Alligator video and how it took away an older woman, police went to that lake and caught the Alligator that killed her. Cops grabbed it, and after tying it with the rope, they took it away from the lake.

Still, the danger was not over, and there could be more than one Alligator, so cops asked all the neighbors not to walk their pets on the lake’s edge.

What did the neighbor tell the police about Alligator Attacks Elderly Women Full Video?

When one of the neighbors heard the screaming sound of that lady, she saw all the fuss happening at that time. She tried to help her, but it was insufficient, so she called the cops. When cops asked her about the situation, she told her that Alligator had got the lady, and maybe she was gone. 

When the police came there for help, it was too late, and after some search, they found an alligator eating an 85-year-old lady’s dead body in the lake.

What people comment about Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video

While horrified by the video, many people were sad too for the lady and sent their love and condolences to the woman’s family. Some people commented that people in Florida should be more alert as many alligators are there, and alligators’ attacks are regularly increasing.

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The Final verdict

The woman in the alligator video is dead, and she was the third victim of alligator attacks in Florida that happened in the past few months.

Do you think that women could be more alert? Comment down.

Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video (FAQs)

1- On what platforms this video went viral?

A- This video was spread on YouTube, Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter.

2- What was the name of that lady?

A- Gloria Serge.

3- What was the name of the neighbor who called the cops?

A- Her name was Carole Thomas.

4-How old was Carole?

A- She was 76 years old.

5-Does Serge’s puppy survived?

A- Yes, he is alive.

6-When Alligator Attacks Elderly Woman Full Video recorded?

A- On the third week of February 2023.

7- How big was the Alligator?

A-It was a 10 feet alligator.

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