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A One Piece Game Codes Update 6 {April} Get Details!

The guide shares details about the newly launched game and the working A One Piece Game Codes Update 6.

Do you play games on Roblox? It brings a host of games for worldwide gamers. Every day a new game is introduced, of which A One Piece Game is trending amongst the gamers in the Philippines and the United States

It is the newly launched RPG-style online game on the platform developed with inspiration from the famous anime, One Piece. Players will sail and explore new islands, unlock new abilities, and hunt the pirates while stealing their treasures. 

But, there are other in-game quests and items which are easy to unlock with A One Piece Game Codes Update 6.

What are the New One Piece Game Codes?

Since the game is in the testing stage, you have to find the codes that work for the phase. Besides, you must look for the codes that work in the 6th update. After evaluating, we have found a couple of working codes that players can use in the game. 

  • 100KLIKES – The codes allow the player to redeem 100K Beli in the game
  • 90KLIKES – The code allows redeem free rewards in the game
  • 75KLIKES – Free 75K Beli
  • KingLuffyAndAlopek – 100K Beli Free
  • SORRYWEFIXED – Reset Devil Fruit

These are some of the working A One Piece Game Codes Update 6. But you must ensure to redeem the codes before it expires. 

What is A One Piece Game?

A One Piece Game is the newly launched RPG-style anime game on the Roblox platform based on the famous Anime Manga Series, One Piece. The gameplay involves exploring new worlds and islands while completing daily quests.

Players have to upgrade their characters using the in-game currency or use different codes to unlock items and progress in the game. The game is still in its testing stage, but it has already attracted over 5K players with its new content and updates. 

How to Redeem A One Piece Game Codes Update 6?

Remember to use only the working codes to redeem the rewards. After expiry, these codes won’t work, and hence you must always check validity before using the codes. You have to follow the below steps to redeem the abovementioned codes.

Players are now looking for the new codes in the 6th update to unlock new items and upgrade their in-game characters and items. 

  • Launch the A One Piece Game on your respective device 
  • Tab on the “Menu” option available on the game’s side screen 
  • Tab on the “Twitter” icon on the menu page
  • Copy the working and valid A One Piece Game Codes Update 6 from the list
  • Paste the code in the blank bar and click on the “Enter” button to redeem the rewards 

Again, check the validity of the codes before using them to avoid last-minute hassles. 


A One Piece Game is the new anime RPG-style online game launched on Roblox. The game is in the testing phase, but it has already attracted gamers with the new updates and content. Despite being in the testing phase, many new codes have been launched that offer players redeemable gifts and rewards.  

A couple of A One Piece Game Codes Update 6 has been shared above that can help you avail free rewards and Beli in the game. 

Do you have any new code to share with others? Please share it in the comment section.

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