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A Universal Time Tier List {Sep} Get Updated Details!

This article gives you sequential information about different stands in the game A Universal Time Tier List.

Recently AUT game was reworked. The latest version was released on Thursday, the 30th of August 2021. With this update, are you wondering which is the best stands in the game? Are you searching for the best stands in sequential order? 

We bring you a comprehensive tier list of such stands on which you can spend your time and money effectively. So, let’s scrutinize them from the Worldwide famous game A Universal Time Tier List.

What are Stands?

In AUT, stands refer to various objects, characters, powers, abilities, etc., which will help you compete with other players. 

AUT Tier List:

The stands mentioned in A, B, and C is considered the best. They are listed below:

A stands:

  • Gold Experience Requiem – Strong canon stand.
  • Snatcher- is a mysterious shadow laying traps for unsuspecting “fools” to walk into.
  • Super Shadow – power of  7 Chaos Emeralds.
  • Nuclear Star/Crystallized- a diagonal light purple stripe on a purple body.
  • DTW – close-medium range stand.
  • Cosmical Dio- This Stand is Clear White With Black Armor hiding itself. The B stands of A Universal Time Tier List are given in the next section.
  • Drip Goku- the same strength and abilities as Mastered Ultra Instinct.
  • SOL- is a close-ranged stand
  • MUI- good in combat and easy to get.

B stands:

  • TWHV- It used to evolve into Diego’s High Voltage with a Cosmic Orb
  • WOU- the power of “Calamity.”
  • Shadow Weaboo – heal 2% of health every second
  • STW- one of the 6 hidden characters in Heritage for The Future.
  • Casey- a charge weapon
  • DPP- Its ability to heal others rapidly
  • MiW- It has great agility and good impairment.
  • MiR- a potent close-range time adjusting Stand.

C stands in A Universal Time Tier List:

  • Galaxy Annihilator- mediocre damage.
  • KCAU- different punches, strikes, and great damage
  • SPOVAOH- good damage and knocking them back
  • PROJECT Samurai – wields the air against enemies.
  • ULF Kars- a very strong spec
  • Kars- immune to the sun’s rays
  • MiH- is a medium-ranged and close-ranged stand
  • C-Moon – the ability to manipulate gravity at Pucci’s will
  • Samurai – forged and sharpened katana
  • Coffin BOI: It deals percentage harm making it very good for farming bosses.
  • CH- is very powerful for beginners.

Below mentioned stands are less significant:

D stands:

  • Spin, 
  • Hamon

Arrow stands:

  • The World, 
  • Star Platinum stands in A Universal Time Tier List
  • King Crimson, 
  • Whitesnake, 
  • Sticky Fingers, 
  • Gold Experience, 
  • Crazy Diamond, 
  • Hierophant Green, 
  • Anubis

Free Stand:

  • The Knight

Temporarily stands:

  • The World, 
  • Killer Queen

S stands:

  • Shinigami, 
  • Sans, 
  • Planet Shaper, 
  • Gaster, 
  • X-Chara,
  • Chara

S+ stands:

  • HSTWRequiem, 
  • CSPR, 
  • STWRequiem, 
  • SPR, 
  • Urzan, 
  • Reaper,
  • Zenith.


As you now have a list of the best stands, it is advisable to use your time and money to obtain the best stands. As the updates are scheduled to be released in parts, more abilities to stands are expected. Hence, few stands were reported as unobtainable.

Did you acquire any new stands from A Universal Time Tier List in AUT ? Please let us know about such stands.

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