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[Unedited] Aaron Rodgers Injury Slow Motion: What Happened To Him? Is He Out for the Season? Get Guaranteed Money Details Here!

Aaron Rodgers Injury Slow Motion write-up has shared a report on an NFL star player getting injured during a league match on 11th September 2023.

Is Aaron Rodgers ruled out of the NFL tournament for the rest of the 2023 season? Has the New York Jets Quarterback suffered a major injury during the NFL match on Monday? New York Jets fans and the team suffered a back Monday night after their star player left the field on a cart. 

NFL fans from the United States and Canada mourned the loss of Aaron for the season 2023. Aaron Rodgers Injury Slow Motion showed the exact sequence that resulted in the injury of Jet Star. 

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Aaron Rodgers Slow Motion Video:

The Monday match between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills left a sour memory for the Jet team and fans. The Jet management traded Rodgers on 26th April 2023 from the Green Bay Packers. Aaron suffered a major injury during the season opener game, and a slow-motion video circulating on the internet has shown the exact moment of injury.

The video shows the injury moment when Aaron fell on the ground, tearing his Achilles, with a pop on his calf.  

Is Aaron Rodgers Out for the Season 2023?

The injury happened during the first half of the play when Bills Leonard Floyd sacked Rodgers. Rodgers was carted out of the field to the locker room and missed the rest of the match. The injury looked bad, and Jet management was prepared for the worst news from the medical team. 

Jet coach Saleh confirmed that the injury is terrible, and Rodgers is out for the rest of the season in 2023. Some reports in the media suggest that an MRI report of Aaron showed a complete tear of his left Achilles tendon. The team message on Twitter reflected the pain Jet management is facing due to a recent injury.

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What Happened To Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers is a four-time most valuable player of the NFL tournament, and Jet has a lot of expectations from the 39-year-old star. Rodgers tore his left Achilles tendon during the season opener on Monday night. The star was carted out of MetLife Stadium, and the injury looked terrible in a circulating video. 

The recent MRI report and Jet team coach statement suggest that the star player will need multiple surgeries to get over the tear. Saleh confirmed that the muscle is torn, and the player will take more than a year to come on the field. 

Aaron Rodgers Guaranteed Money for 2023-24:

The cruel injury to the Jet player has raised a lot of speculation on the career of the NFL star. Some media reports suggest that this may be the end of the Football career for one of the game’s greatest players. The contract restructured in July 2023 between the Jet management and Aaron has guaranteed $ 75 million to the player over the two years.

Rodgers signed a three-year contract with the Packers on 16th March for $ 150 million, with 105 million being the guaranteed sum. The contract made him the highest-paid sportsperson in North America, surpassing Damian Lillard’s $ 49 million. 

Aaron Rodgers Injury Slow Motion, Social Media Reaction:

The Aaron slow-motion video has attracted the attention of NFL fans on social sites like Twitter and Reddit. The fans of Jet mourned the injury, but other NFL fans also shared their pain on the devastating injury. 

Social Media Links:

Source: MRI revealed a torn Achilles for Aaron Rodgers. His season is done.
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Final verdict:

The Jet team management said, “Not the way any of us wanted to go, but we know your commitment to this team will keep moving us forward. Get well soon, Aaron Rodgers”. The injury has shattered hope for the New York Jets in the 2023 season. 

Will Achilles tear injury end the Football career of Aaron Rodgers? Please comment. 

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