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Accident Roberval (Nov 2021) A 27 Year Old Woman Killed!

The guide shares news about the recent Accident Roberval that caused severe injuries and took a lady’s life.

A life-threatening collision happened yesterday near Saint-Prime that took the life of a 27-year older woman and left one seriously injured. The accident took place opposite Roberval Animal Refuge, close to the Cran Coast, Canada.

According to local police, a 27-year old lady was killed, and a 19-year old girl was injured severely in the accident that occurred on 169 at 7:30 AM, involving three vehicles. The woman was immobilized after the impact of the accident in the direction towards Roverbal. 

Continue reading to explore more details about the Accident Roberval that occurred on 24th Nov 2021. 

What is the Road Accident All About?

The road accident was a severe collision between three vehicles where one woman died on the spot while one lady was harshly injured. On Route 169, opposite Roberval Animal Refuge, the crash took place close to the Cran Coast, Canada.

The media sources revealed that the driver driving at high speed towards Roberval collided with the vehicles from back when the lady was waiting to drive the car left. The impact was so strong that the vehicle swerved from its path and collided with another oncoming vehicle.         

When and Where the Accident Roberval Occurred?

As per sources, the accident occurred on Wednesday 24th Nov 2021 at 7:30 AM morning on Route 169. The exact location of the collision was opposite to the Roberval Animal refuge, which is located next to Cran Coast, near Saint Prime. 

The accident occurred in the morning when the pick-up truck was moving towards Saint-Prime in the opposite direction. The victim was waiting for her turn to enter the Animal Shelter. The pick-up trucking, which was moving in opposite directions, couldn’t stop and hit the car head-on. 

The cause of the Accident Roberval was glare from sunlight, and the impact was so strong that it threw the vehicle into another lane that struck another standing vehicle. 

What was the Result of the Accident?

The accident resulted in severe consequences that took the life of the 27-year lady who was present in the car. She was taken to hospital immediately, but she was announced dead on arrival.

The other lady involved in the accident was a 19-year old girl, and she incurred severe injuries, but she is out of danger. However, she suffered multiple fractures. The truck driver also incurred injuries and underwent treatment at the hospital. 

After the Accident Roberval, the three vehicles were ditched on the roadside with debris and dust littered all over the road, resulting in blockage of Route 169 for three hours. The road was reopened after clearing the rubble at 11 AM.

The Concluding Remarks

Highway 169 is the route known for its deadly accidents. The highway recorded several head-on accidents and collisions over the years. But, the recent accident on Wednesday was severe that took a life and caused severe injuries to others, as per sources. The road was also blocked for several hours to allow police to research the accident scene. 

Do you have any updates regarding the Accident Roberval? Then, please share it in the comment section.

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