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Acx.com Reviews (Mar 2022) Check To Know Safe Or Not?

Acx.com Reviews (Mar 2022) Check To Know Safe Or Not? >> Do you want to earn as a narrator? Then, please look at the article as given below, and learn about the website’s authenticity.

Acx.com Reviews: Are you a Freelancer? How much money do you make nowadays? If you are doing so, then this post is all for you as people are looking for something to earn. The website is all about the freelancing work for audiobooks, and the freelancers have such an excellent opportunity to make some extra bucks from doing work from home. 

The United States people are looking for some more details about this platform as they want to become a part of it. Therefore, we come up with all the information about the site and dig into the site below. 

A Few Words about Acx.com 

It is a web-based platform that is available for narrators who may or may not have any experience. The platform is owned by Audible, an Amazon subsidiary, which provides an opportunity to all narrators by appearing for audiobook projects. 

The platform is a reliable option if you do not have enough experience yet. The website is all open for the United States, and the sign-up process will not charge you even a single penny and begin auditioning as you want. 

Let us dive into the details of the website through Acx.com Reviews

Modes to get paid by Acx.com 

There are top three ways to get paid with this web-based platform when you work like a narrator. These are as follows:

  1. PFH (It stands for Per-finished-hour that is a payment (flat-rate) for the whole book.) 
  2. Royalty Share (You will get fifty-fifty rights either from the rights holder or the author.) 
  3. Royalty Share plus (It is an amalgamation of PFH and Royalty Share) 

For earning or to participate in auditions, you need to sign up once, collect equipment, set up everything in a peaceful place and create some sample audios. 

Acx.com Reviews: Is It Safe?

After exploring the website through these reviews, we found that Acx.com is twenty-six years old, and it has been such a long time.  It was launched on 1994-07-19.

However, the website is a legit platform and people are using it, but the ratings are quite disappointing. You ought to explore it entirely and then, decide whether to devote time or not by exploring the reviews.  

Users’ Reviews

Mixed feedbacks are available on the various website about Acx.com. People are not happy with a rejection of the audiobook after recording it for such a long time, and also, the contract’s T&C are not in favour of the user. On the other side, some people are earning from the same platform, as we found through the Acx.com Reviews. 

The Bottom Line

After getting into all the platform’s ins and outs, we found that the site is in existence for the past twenty-six years and it has more than 1,855 books as enlisted. Additionally, the platform is flooded with work and offer some golden chance to partake in audiobook projects. 

However, almost all the negative responses about the site, such as contract terms and rejection, after completing the entire work. Thus, we suggest you explore the site once and research for all the users’ reviews, then, go for it.   

What are your perspectives about using this platform after reading all Acx.com Reviews? Please share your feedback in the comments box as given below. 

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