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Adia Jewelry Reviews (Mar 2021) Let’s See The Details

Adia Jewelry Reviews (Mar 2021) Let’s See The Details -> looking for the best Jewellery store online? Read here!

Hey, guys, if you are interested in buying Adia Jewelry products and want to know about the webshop, you are precisely reading the right content. Here we will be commencing our discussion on Adia Jewelry Reviews!

The Adia Jewelry webshop provides its service for delivering products in several countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States.

If you have a keen interest in knowing about the Adia Jewelry Com, please continue to read further as it will help you all know about the website facts and authenticity. At the end of reading the content, you will be clear of all the questions that you have in your mind right now about the Adia Jewelry Com website.

Well, let’s not delay and start our main discussion!

What Is Adia Jewelry com?

You will know about Adia Jewelry Reviews by the end of the content!

Adia, meaning gift, is an online jewelry store. They make the best jewelry worldwide by only letting a few and unique designs be part of its collection.

Evaluation of design is done in one or two months to ensure that the plan doesn’t go out of trend to associate themselves as their jewelry companion of life.

They also make sure every jewelry design comes out with a story that is all about your life and emotion. Adia’s priority is your happiness and grace. Adia has a belief that jewelry is a strong statement in one’s style and identity.

Well, let’s know about Is Adia Jewelry Legit by scrolling down further!

Specifications Of Adia Jewelry Com:

  • Website type: Ecommerce site selling Jewelry items. 
  •  Website URL: https://adiajewelry.com/
  • Email address: support@adiajewelry.com
  • Return policy: products can be returned within thirty days from the date of delivery.
  • Payment method: American Express, VISA, Union Pay, etc
  • Shipping policy: Free shipping worldwide on orders over dollar forty-nine 

Pros Of Adia Jewelry Com:

  •  The Adia Jewelry Com provides Worldwide shipping 
  •  You can get free shipping on orders over dollar forty-nine 
  •  The website sells various types of Jewelry items.

Cons Of Adia Jewelry com:

  • The website is less than one year old.
  • The website contact information is not available 
  • Physical address of the store is not mentioned 

Is Adia Jewelry Legit?

Adia Jewelry Com webshop was registered on the 6th of October 2020 and is a less than one-year old web store. So buyers want to know that Adia Jewelry Com is a real website or a fake one. 

We went in deep about the information provided on the online page of Adia Jewelry Com. We got to know that the contact number of the customer service is not present. Furthermore, the website refund policy is rigorous as it doesn’t Refund the shipping cost of the product.

Also, the physical address of the Adia Jewelry Com is missing. We will also discuss the Adia Jewelry Reviews beneath, which will help us justify whether the website is legit or fake. The Adia Jewelry store got zero ranks based on the popularity of the website by Alexa.com.

The website shares no customer feedbacks because it hasn’t received any of them yet. Besides this, there are few pros as the website is SSL certified and has HTTPS connections, and gives free shipping on orders over a particular amount.

As the website has both drawbacks and pros, we cannot predict any particular nature of the website’s legitimacy, and its seems to be a dubious one.

What Are People Thoughts On Adia Jewelry Reviews?

Adia Jewelry has been on the marketing platform for six months and few days, so it has received minimal buyers’ attention and response.

But as the website has its pages on Instagram and Facebook, it has got few comments, and it seems that people are asking about the website’s legitimacy. Few customers said that they had recently received their product and they will be updating about it soon.

So, you may come across few comments on Adia Jewelry Instagram page, but they are not enough that can help us to justify the real nature of the web store.


Lastly, we hopefully conclude our content which was all about Adia Jewelry Reviews and the Adia Jewelry webshop details.

We hope that now the readers might have understood the Adia Jewelry store specifications and other related information!

Have you bought any products from Adia Jewelry Com? Please give us your views on it!

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