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Adin Ross Scam (July 2021) Know The Details About It!

Adin Ross Scam (July 2021) Know The Details About It! >> In this write-up, you will find the details of a crypto scam done by a famous personality.

Crypto scams can be a typical issue in the growing world of digital currency. Thousands and hundreds of crypto coins or tokens are being launched by every passing day. Hence it is expected that a large amount of fake companies promotes fraudulent coins.

One such Crypto scam that took place recently is the Adin Ross Scam, a popular live streamer from the United States.

Who is Adin Ross?

Adin Ross is a popular game streamer who streams live games on his channels, such as call of duty and NBA2K. He was born on 11th October in the year 2000, and currently, he is 20 years old in Boca Raton, Florida, the United States; therefore, he belongs to the American Nationality.

 He owns three YouTube channels by profession where he has got more than 1 million Subscribers on one of the channels; his other two channels are also quite popular with good followers. 

About Adin Ross Scam

Adin Ross, the famous live streamer, has been caught to be involved in a pumping and dumping crypto scam. He promoted a $MILF token in a tweet made by his official tweeter account. The tweet states that he is doing a giveaway in which he is offering $10,000 in $MILF crypto coin to whoever will prove in the comments of the tweet that the person has invested in this coin. Also, the tweet states that only one lucky winner will be given the giveaway.

Later in another tweet, he advises his followers not to invest in this $MILF token. He said that he promoted the coin as the company paid him a considerable amount for the promotion.

Adin Ross Scam news is a trending topic on all the social media platforms, and when asked about the same to him, it is collected from various sources that he claimed never to promote such scam tokens.

How to avoid crypto scams?

  • Always avoid fake or imposter websites; check the https connection and the lock icon on the domain name and other payment details.
  • Avoid investing in coins with nasty tweets or bad social media updates on any social media platforms.
  • Also, bar yourself from fake crypto apps to invest in them.
  • Avoid fraud emails; double-check emails before investing in any crypto.

Peoples Reviews

Many people are pretty familiar with the Adin Ross Scam news, but on research, it is found in details people are having a mixed opinion on the same. Some of Adin Ross’s fans support him, and some criticize him for supporting fraud crypto. Also, after Ross denied that he never promoted this $MILF crypto, people started to point out his tweet regarding the crypto give away further no clarifications have been made on this news by Adin Ross at the time of writing this article.

Final verdict

Soon after both the consecutive tweets on the $MILF token made by Adin Ross  the news of Adin Ross Scam was trending on all the social media platforms. So further here, we have aimed to provide the necessary steps to avoid Crypto scams.

Where you curious to get the details of this scam? Comment below and share with us.

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