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Top 6 Reasons to Buy Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Buying health insurance is an important personal finance decision that will positively affect both your health and finances in the long run. However, the wide variety of health insurance providers and plans can make it difficult to choose the right plan. It is important to choose a plan that suits your needs and lifestyle. If you are a health-conscious and active insurance seeker, Aditya Birla Health Insurance has recently launched a health insurance plan. The “Activ Fit” plan is a good choice for young adults.

Why purchase Aditya Birla Health Insurance plans?

  1. It rewards your commitment to your health: An increasing number of youngsters are falling into the trap of sedentary lifestyles. Some positive motivations to adopt healthy habits can go a long way in making the country healthy. Aditya Birla health insurance has come up with the perfect way to motivate the youth. The plan offers an upfront discount of 10% to healthy applicants. This decision will be based on a health risk assessment.

Insured persons will also earn up to 50% of their premium as HealthReturns if they stay active.

  1. It refills the sum assured unlimited times: Health emergencies often come unannounced. With rapidly increasing costs of healthcare, you may exhaust your sum assured or have insufficient balance to cover future costs. Aditya Birla health insurance will refill the sum assured unlimited times, so you do not have to stay uninsured for the rest of the year.
  2. It encourages youngsters to consider health insurance early in their lives: We often tend to ignore our health and well-being until an emergency catches us unarmed. Most finance professionals advise investing in health insurance as early as possible, and now Aditya Birla health insurance rewards early enrolments. Those who opt for the plan before 35 years of age get an early bird discount. The discount applies to both enrolment and renewal. It is 5% of the premium amount from the 4th-7th year of the policy and 10% from the eighth year till the end of the policy.
  3. It offers comprehensive coverage: The Aditya Birla health insurance plan has significantly shortened the list of excluded procedures. Apart from the other attractive benefits, the policy also offers coverage for maternity expenses for both C-section and vaginal birth, newborn expenses, stem cell preservation, vaccination, in-patient hospitalisation, STDs, ambulance expenses, pre and post-hospitalization expenses, HIV/AIDS treatment, day care procedures, and mental health treatments.

Also, as a part of in-patient hospitalisation cover, you are eligible for a single occupancy room. However, in case you opt for a shared room, the policy will offer a daily cash benefit.

  1. It offers more than health coverage: You can also opt for optional travel coverage along with health insurance. This offers a fixed payout in case of cancellations, flight delays, missed connecting flights or loss of check-in baggage.
  2. It offers the benefit of buying insurance from a trusted name in the industry: When you choose to buy a policy from Aditya Birla health insurance, you sign up for convenience and superior care. Apart from the policy-specific benefits, here are some advantages of choosing Aditya Birla health insurance.
  3. i)   App for health monitoring: After enrolment, you will get access to the Activ health app that will track your health and help to improve it with regular insights and suggestions. You can view policy details from the same app, and it will also help to track your activity levels and reward you with HealthReturns.
  4. ii) Vast healthcare network: Aditya Birla health insurance has a vast network of 6000+ hospitals spread across 650 Indian cities. As a patron, you seek cashless treatment at any of these hospitals and also get access to fitness centres, gyms, and yoga studios across the country.

iii)   Easy claim settlements: With Aditya Birla health insurance, you no longer have to wait forever for claim settlements or get lost in procedures. Quick and easy claim processing will help you keep the stress of bills away as you focus on recuperating.

  1. iv)   24*7 customer support and dedicated care managers: The customer support team is available round the clock over the phone and WhatsApp for instant query resolution. You will also get access to a dedicated care manager who will help you with paperwork and claim to file.

Summing Up

Investing in the Aditya Birla health insurance plan is the perfect way to protect your wealth from medical emergencies. It will help you to stay consistent with your health-focused efforts and have your back if an emergency arises.

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