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Adriana Kuch Bayville NJ Video: Has The Obituary & Latest News Present On Reddit? Read Details Now!

This article will inform you about the Adriana Kuch Bayville NJ Video. Find every detail about her suicide.

Do you know why Adriana Kuch committed suicide? How many people are involved in the assault on Adriana? A 14-year-old teenager committed suicide due to Bullying in High School in New Jersey, United States. When People found out about the incident, everyone demanded justice for the innocent girl.

People are reasoning why this incident took place and what are the actions of authority and her father regarding the attack. To understand the complete story behind the Adriana Kuch Bayville NJ Video, follow the article thoroughly.

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About the incident

A bunch of girls from Adriana’s High School assaulted her in the hallway while walking in with her boyfriend. The reason behind the attack is unknown. However, police are investigating and counselling the teenagers to speak out about the intention behind the fight.

There were a total of 4 girls involved in the assault. One of the girls 4 recorded the video during the fight and uploaded it on the internet. When Adriana’s acquaintances and friends saw the video, she got into trauma and couldn’t resist the pain and fear she faced in the hallway. As a result, she committed suicide.

Adriana Kuch Reddit

People are looking for the video shot in the High School of assaulting Adriana. The video was taken off very quickly after the upload by the authorities. So people are demanding videos on private accounts on Reddit. Moreover, many fake accounts claim they have links to Adriana’s videos.

Bio Table of Adriana

Full name Adriana Olivia Kuch
Father name Michael Kuch
Education High School
Age 14 year old
Nationality American
Date of death 3rd February 2020

Additional information about Adriana’s bio is unavailable. We will update the bio details as soon as we get any information.

Adriana Kuch Obituary

The obituary of Adriana Kuch will take place in her hometown Bayville. The parents will be held in the Mastapeter Memorial home on Friday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Adriana’s father’s words

Michael Kuch, the father of Adriana, is demanding justice. He blames the school authority responsible for the death of her daughter. If they had called the cops after the incident, she wouldn’t have committed suicide. Michael also mentioned that the school authority is not disclosing the scenario to Cops to save the reputation.

Why did Adriana commit suicide?

Forty-eight hours after the assault, when people saw Adriana Kuch Bayville NJ Video on social media, she couldn’t take the assault and trauma of getting beaten up in high school and decided to commit suicide at her home in Bayville.Visit Checkviralnews.com 

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Final Verdict!

A teenager in High School committed suicide after getting assaulted by her schoolmates. She couldn’t register abuse and how people treated her after the video was uploaded on social media of the assault. The Father of Adriana blames the school authority for his loss.

Is it legal to assault a teenager in High School? Comment below. Also, watch the additional report of Adriana Kuch.

Adriana Kuch Bayville NJ Video: FAQs

Q1 How many girls are involved in the assault of Adriana?

Total of 4 girls.

Q2 Did police authorities take any action on the girl involved in the fight?

Police are investigating the situation, and no action has been taken.

Q3 What is the age of the girls who beat Adriana?

Girls are teenagers and fellow schoolmates of Adriana.

Q4 What are the weapons used to hit Adriana?

Girls hit Adriana with Bottles, bags, and fists.

Q5 How many people are available during the scenario?

Total of 8 people were available during the situation, two guards Adriana and her boyfriend, and four schoolmates.

Q6 Adriana Kuch Reddit video is available on any social platform?

Video is not available on any social platform.

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