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Adymoney xyz Reviews (Feb) Is This Legit Or Scam?

Adymoney xyz Reviews (Feb) Is This Legit Or Scam? >> Please get in touch with the review of the online earning website and check if it is safe or not.

Welcome to the Adymoney xyz Reviews: The trend of earning online money by watching videos, posting comments, filling forms on digital portals is rapidly increasing these days. Not only the Philippines, but other countries also adopt leading toward such business.

No doubt, many money-making websites are real, but most of them are fake. Many will show you the earnings but will never be going to pay you. Hence, it becomes essential to check the legitimacy of the website first.

So, Is Adymoney xyz Legit? The same we are going to find out through this article. But, first, we must understand what Adymoney is all about. Let’s move ahead to learn more.

What is Adymoney xyz?

Adymoney xyz is a website that offers a chance to earn money online. All you need to view videos on their portal for at least one hour. You can earn $0.60 for 1-minute promotional video content.

The website is simple to use. Just create your account by clicking on the link ‘SIGN UP’ and start watching videos and earning money.

Adymoney xyz Reviews identified all the videos listed on the site is from the world’s top advertisers. These advertisers are the manufacturer or inventors of household tools, retailers, and top vloggers.


  • URL: https://adymoney.xyz/
  • Domain Creation Date: 02/02/2021
  • Video content category: Promotional content of advertisers
  • Earning amount: $0.60 per minute. 
  • Users can withdraw money in just one hour during business hours.
  • User can get their money during the non-working hour (at the time of holidays or weekends) within three to four hours.
  • Withdraw allows through bank cards, bank cards, bank accounts, Bitcoin wallets, and PayPal.
  • Get an extra 40 percent benefit by referring the link of the website to your networks.

Please keep in touch with the Adymoney xyz Reviews to read the subtle points that will give you 100 percent surety whether Adymoney is good to earn or just a trap.

Pros of the Adymoney

  • It permits you to make money online by watching promotional videos.
  • It offers a good amount for a 1-minute video. 
  • The money withdrawal process is short and easy.
  • It helps you get an extra profit of 40 percent from other people’s earning by referring to your friends, family, and others. 

Cons of the Adymoney

  • No direct link of users and creator because owner detail is missing on the site. 

Is Adymoney xyz Legit?

We take Adymoney xyz under the red zone when we found following detections:

  • Hidden content about the founder: Adymoney has not revealed information of creator details. If users know who is running the site, they can atleast contact such a person to ask their doubts. So, that’s not to skip point, but that’s what’s missing.
  • Indigestible amount in less time: Adymoney pays .60 cents for a one-minute video. That means you can earn 30 dollars by doing nothing. Even popular sites like YOUTUBE do not offer such great bucks in a short time. It’s another big skeptical question.
  • Adymoney xyz Reviews from users: We got negative reviews of the website, which clearly states this portal as highly suspicious and a possible scam.
  • Doubtful referral work: The company does not offer any product or service. All you need to view videos online and in turn they will give you money.
  • No legal verfication required: Adymoney accepts all random name or email ID during registration.
  • Domain Age: The domain age of the website is too recent. It is established on 02/02/2021.

Hence, though it is too early to say about its legitimacy, but Adymoney xyz is not at all legit and reliable and is highly suspicious. It may create big trouble if you put your time and trust in it.  

What are Adymoney xyz Reviews from users?

People are openly declaring this site as fake. It has a few numbers of negative user comments, which are also available on the top review portals, and the people are quoting it as a scam. 

Its official website is showing positive comments of the users from the Philippines and others. We know many scam sites always offer themselves valid to others’ eyes by convincing people to invest their money. Thus, it would be best if you thought smartly in this case.

Final Conclusion

To wrap up, Adymoney is not transparent for its users. We are not creating doubt or fear in your mind through Adymoney xyz Reviews, but we are making you aware. It is highly suspicious from our end and is a possible scam. 

Do you want to converse about Adymoney? Please leave your comments here.

17 thoughts on “Adymoney xyz Reviews (Feb) Is This Legit Or Scam?

  1. Dear! All
    I would like to inform you that 2day i was complete watching and get paid so i reached 30 people referrals so when i got with withdraw money they are said my account
    is not approval need to pay 25$ to Bitcoin address why like that

  2. My friend makes money and she could not receive her earnings so what are telling me is not fake . I myself make money but I had see my friend getting first.

  3. Almost 1 weeks im watching video from adymoney and make wish real dollar money and also i have a lot of referrals.
    Now i have 1500$ and i need to widraw it .
    The problem is. I need to pay first the 25$ to claimed my money from adymoney*
    I didn’t know is this adymoney legit or fake

  4. I got the required steps, but this message appeared to me, please, technologist :
    Dear Mahmoud Sahbal
    Your account is not approved.
    The approval time will be approximately 30-60 days.
    You can also pass quick verification procedure(3-5 min.)
    and immediately receive money

  5. I confirmed the express and it appeared to me to pay the mentioned amount, what should I do or not
    For quick verification,
    you need to transfer $ 25 to the Bitcoin wallet
    Number Bitcoin wallet
    Instructions for paying a bitcoin account on localbitcoins.com

  6. Its definitely scam. I did try.

    It’s first asking for minimum $200 before withdrawing money. So I earned $200. Then it said, I need at-least 30 referrals. Then I add 30 of them and tried to withdraw.
    Then they said, It will take 30-60 days for transaction. if I need to get the money within 3-4 minutes, I need to pay money for them.

  7. Ingrese no me carga la página
    Por que
    Tenia ya $200 y más pero cuando quise cobrar página se cayó que pasa no me carga ????

  8. I tried to withdraw after reaching the minimum amount you can withdraw an I was asked to refer atleast 30people or if that’s hard I buy referrals from my bitcoin wallet

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