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Affid Wordle {July 2022} Is It 397 Puzzle Correct Answer

The article below helps you guess the correct answer for 21st July and also makes you understand the details for Affid Wordle.

Have you crossed the ultimate level for puzzle games? Are you finding the wordle game crazy for your great time-pass? Let’s explore some more details for this game which is relevantly helpful for getting and understanding the correct answer for 21 July. 

Players filled the tiles as Affid Wordle within 6 attempts, but wordle has not turned all tiles green. Players from Canadathe United Statesthe United Kingdomand Australia are confused about the correct answer. So, let’s dig for more details for 21 July’s correct solution.

How is Affid related to the wordle game? 

If you have ever worked as a gardener, even for your home garden, you must know the answer for 21st July. The answer is “APHID.” But, many players are confused as they are unfamiliar with this word or have never worked as a gardener.

But, what are the hints for wordle 21st July that players got confused between Affid and Aphid words? Let’s find the meanings of both the words. 

Know Aphid and Affid Definition

  • Meaning for Aphid – it can be a greenfly or a blackfly. It feeds on plant sap by sucking and comes under a bug family. 
  • Meaning of Affid – This word does not contain any meaning. This is a confirmation writer on affirmation or for an oath. But, many notary professionals use this as an abbreviation for the affidavit.

Hints to guess the correct answer for 397 wordle

  • The word consists of 2 vowels and 3 constants.
  • Starting letter is a vowel, that is, A. 
  • The ending letter is a constant, i.e., D.
  • Another vowel is “I”.
  • Major Clue – word is related to an insect (a bug). 

Why is Affid Wordle trending?

Many players from different regions are becoming crazy about wordle gameplay. But as the game’s fantasy among puzzlers is at the hype, Josh wordle daily guessing new words exciting. And, the new joiners’ findings were a little confusing to guess the correct wordle answer. 

Tips to play 21st July wordle!

  • Fill in the first and last letters and already give in the hints. 
  • Think of an insect whose name starts with an “A” and ends with a “D” and consists of an “I” in between the word. 

The insect’s name is Aphid which feeds by sucking from plant sap. Many players thought about Affid and started finding that: Is Affid a Word! But, this is not any word or also does not contain any meaning. Therefore, we suggest our players look for different words in the dictionary and start applying them in their regular talks to familiarise them with these new words. 

The Last Thoughts

Our analysis shows that the correct answer for the wordle is Aphid and not Affid. Many puzzle solvers filled the tiles with Affid, and the wordle tile did not turn green. Hence, gamers start looking for the meaning and correctness of the guessed Affid Wordle

Further, click here to know the details for the 21st July wordle. What was your guessed answer for 397 wordle? Please comment below. 

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