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Agatsuma Demon Fall {July} Let’s Read About The Series!

Agatsuma Demon Fall {July} Let’s Read About The Series!>> Here, in this following article, we will briefly learn about the demon slayer Japanese manga series. Read this for complete information.

The demand for anime movies is increasing every day. In countries like Brazil and the United States, several anime movies like Naruto, Demon slayer consists of characters like Agatsuma Demon Fall. These characters have a huge fan base worldwide.

In this particular article, we will deal with one of the very famous characters of the anime movie, the demon slayer. To be precise, we will read about Zenitsu Agatsuma to have full details about this character and read the whole article.

Details about the Demon Slayer Manga series?

It is one of the famous manga series of Japan, which is penned by Koyoharu Gotouge based in the early 20th century. This story is related to a 13-year-old teenager named Tanjiro Kamado, who later joined a group like Agatsuma Demon Fall. Tanjiro is the sole bread earner of his family after his father’s death. However, one day after he came back from work, his world had turned upside down.

He found that a demon had killed his whole family and the sole survivor was his sister, who had also turned into a monster. So, after this, he went on a quest to make her sister human again and kill demons. During this journey, he joined a group Demon Slayer Corps. And thus, his journey began. 

Who Is Agatsuma Demon Fall?

Zenitsu Agatsuma is a protagonist demon fall. Zenitsu joined the corps of the demon slayer during the same time as Inosuke and Tanjiro. Zenitsu has a strong point, like identifying the sounds that other demons or people can create, and he also has an awful hearing sense.

He also has the extraordinary ability when he is scared of dying. He goes to sleep, changes his personality to a swordsman, and unleashes the extraordinary “thunder Breathing.”

What is Demon Slayer Corps?

The Demon Slayer Corps is an organisation that is not recognised by the government and has members like Agatsuma Demon Fall. Since ancient times, the group has existed, and the sole purpose of the slayers is to protect humanity and end the demons. Becoming a slayer and enter into the group is not an easy task, one has to pass the Final Selection Test, and then only the candidate is provided with a standard uniform. The Corp has an elite group known as Hashira. The members of this group are known to be the most powerful combats in the whole group. 


Demon slayer is one of the very famous Japanese manga series, and Agatsuma Demon Fall is one of the main topics of this manga series. We have focused mainly on the zenitsu agatsuma and the demon fall. Reading this article will clear all your doubts regarding the demon slayer manga series.

Do you love watching Japanese manga series? If you do, then write down your favourite manga series and read here everything you need to know about Zenitsu Agatsuma:

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