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Airycloth Shopping Reviews (Jun 2021) Is it legit or scam?

Airycloth Shopping Reviews (Jun 2021) Is it legit or scam? >> In this article, the shoppers are educated about the advantages and disadvantages of buying here.

Do you dream of owning a designer swimwear? Well, Airycloth has bright and sexy designs in swimwear that cab let you flaunt your body.

Airycloth has an amazing range in dresses, swimwear, t-shirts, bottoms, etc. that can be yours at the most economical prices. Airycloth Shopping Reviews further will help you know the feedback of the customers who purchased something from this site in the past.

The United States people like adding designer clothes in their collection. 

It important for the online shoppers to know Is Airycloth Shopping Legit

What is Airycloth?

Airycloth is a popular website that sells everything from designer dresses to swimwear to bottoms. Even you can check the exclusive range in shoes. 

If you want to get mesmerizing personality, search for the articles at Airycloth. But go through the entire Airycloth Shopping Reviews to have hassle-free online experience.

Why is Airycloth unique?

This portal says that it sells swimwear, dresses, sandals, wedges, etc. at affordable rates. Another motivational reason for buying anything from this site is that it offers international shipping as well.

Specifications of Airycloth.com:

  • Product: dresses, accessories, swimwear, boots, loafers, etc.
  • Website: https://airycloth.com/
  • Email: Not mentioned 
  • Parent company: ZC Holding (HK) Limited
  • Contact number: +12513454232 
  • Delivery time: almost 9-14 days
  • Shipping fee: less than $4.99 
  • Exchange: available 
  • Returns: within 30 days 
  • Refunds: within some days 
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, Master Cards, to name a few.

Pros of buying from Airycloth.com 

  • A unique collection in swimwear 
  • Help boost your personality 
  • Shoes for all 
  • Attractive discounts 

Cons of buying from Airycloth.com:

  • No free shipping
  • Late delivery of products
  • Negative Airycloth Shopping Reviews
  • Extended return policy

Is Airycloth Legit?

Airycloth offers a 14-day satisfaction guaranteed on all the returns. Also, it works directly with the factory to lower the cost of the products. But when we dig further, we come to know that there are many negative reviews posted on the site. 

So we believe that Airycloth is a legit site but low trust index as per the reviews.

What are people saying about Airycloth.com?

Choosing the best fashion outfit and accessories is the most difficult task for women, and it takes a lot of time and efforts. Purchasing designer dresses from the right online source can make your shopping more enjoyable.

Airycloth looks like a decent place as all the information is available on the site. But despite selling more than 10,000 different products on the website, there are many unfavourable reviews posted by the shoppers here.

Final Verdict:

The whole Airycloth Shopping Reviews helps us know the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing dresses, shoes, and accessories from the site. 

Amid a significant boost in online shopping, it is important to consider the right platforms only to shop. But lots of negative reviews of Airycloth makes it discouraging for others to buy here. Thus we do not recommend the Airycloth site.

36 thoughts on “Airycloth Shopping Reviews (Jun 2021) Is it legit or scam?

    1. I looked on Facebook where they keep advertising. I did a share and sent out a warning. I then saw messages from A LOT of people complaining about never getting refunds and terrible quality

    2. i odered a month ago got no tracking number and never got my order they took the money but no order ever came they are no way to get a hold of them i would say their a scam do not order from them !!!!!!!!

      1. I wish I would have seen your comment before ordering. They say my order was cancelled because I wasn’t quick enough but they took the money from my account. I will give them a week and then I will contact my card holder.

  1. I looked at Trustpilot.com. Their reviews seem to be horrible. I order from another place called ‘Wish’. Not fancy stuff, but most of it is nice. It does not seem like Airycloth is all that legit in my opinion. I did notice Airycloth used some of the exactly same photos as ‘Wish’. So maybe they are just copying and pasting photos from other websites.
    I hope this helps some. Good luck!

    1. Wish is terrible as well period their customer service is an absolute joke. I cannot begin to explain how confused and ridiculous they were about four incorrect orders they sent.

  2. It’s kind of funny you ask. And they aren’t good. My experience has left me less than satisfied and my bank will know about it come Monday morning. I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst nightmare!!!!

  3. It’s kind of funny you ask. And they aren’t good. My experience has left me less than satisfied and my bank will know about it come Monday morning. I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst nightmare!!!! Chamging

  4. I STILL have NOT received a refund for two T-shirts that were very inferior quality and nothing like described. It was NOT cotton but synthetic material which I am allergic to.

  5. I bought a maxi dress just recently and when it arrived it was nothing like what the model was wearing I also noticed they don’t tell you what the material the dresses are made of.

  6. Products shown are not what you will be sent. Material like shower curtain and weird print. You cannot contact t them to arrange returns. They are operating under various names. Should be a big warning by media they are scammers thank God I only lost £24

  7. Glad I read this; just “had a feeling” it may not be a good site to order from; now I won’t. Will look to see if “Wish” has the same item…a cute “smock” dress, or as it was called years ago…”Mumu” little housedress. Was darn cute.

    1. Another company like this is NoraCora.. if you want to waste your money you can buy from them- my advice is to stay away.. very far away!

  8. I have had problems too. The quality of the clothing was very poor and looked nothing like the photos. They make it very difficult to contact them. I eventually got a message from them after putting a post on Facebook asking me to contact their chat line together with a link. When I activated the link it came up with a message to say no chat line agents were available. This company are a bunch of conmen

  9. I ordered two tops from Airey cloth and when the products arrived I was horrified, the material is very cheap and poor quality , the workmanship is shoddy ( patterns not matching ) and the sizing is completely out… they are obviously copying from another site
    I have completed all of the return forms and sent numerous emails plus a complaint on there seemingly Live Chat site but all to no avail
    I did speak to the company who’s name was on the packaging AJ Worldwide Servises Ltd , a Mr Vivek Singh M.D informed me that it is a fradulent company and they have hundreds of complaints

  10. I have just received my Airey Cloth order and it is the worst quality fabric and nothing like was advertised on the website. I have just washed the 2 dresses I received and they came out of the wash with large threads pulled in the fabric. They are unwearable and I will be throwing them in the bin. Very disappointing – don’t go there!

    1. These are all from a company in China as you say using different names but the same addresses for returns, they try to get you to accept the clothes at a reduced price or charge more than the clothes are worth for returns. The quality is disgusting and the sizings do not match their charts. I waited 9 months for a payment on my returns even PayPal couldn’t sort them out but made me a courtesy payment. I will not buy from China again. Some make out they are Australian or American but returns still go back to China.


  12. I wished, I knew I can go to my bank and cancel payment. I msg them. They just ignored me. I am real sorry to have wasted so much money for their rubbish and bad treatment.

    Did your bank cancel your payment?

  13. Hi, I am in Australia , and constantly see AiryCloth being advertised on face book, I made a huge purchase $$$$ only when received it months later did I find my order to be less than what had been advertised. The products are so inferior not as pictured in the photos .dont be fooled. So so disappointed and angry. Shame on them…

  14. Having difficult getting in touch with the website ? Now I know that i have LOST my money because I have been e-mailing and there been given me so many e-mail that my head is go to explored. Ha Ha Im taking as a learn experience never again stick with my stores as Macys,Target,Walmart and my favorite Maurices and they have coupon ,discount ,5%off just getting steam out

  15. After reading that the clothing is cheaply made, I tried to cancel through my cc, but the bank says I can’t cancel a pending payment. I did not get any email confirmation nor an order number.

  16. I am absolutely sick of all these companies cropping up online with very similar photos. I bought a chunky hooded cardigan, also advertised here. When it arrived, it was nothing like the one pictured and was poorly made and finished and was very thin. It was only fit for the bin. To show how unethical these companies are, the actual photo was off the front of a knitting pattern that I came across online. I was promised a refund that never arrived.

  17. Is there a customer service phone number? I too made 2 purchases and it has been a week that it only says: PROCESING I spent a lot of money and nothing has been confirmed. But if it comes from China I understand why, this crappy people are liers.

  18. The sizing is all wrong. They run extremely small. Don’t waste your time or money. Shame on them. SCAM

  19. If you order from any of these HongKong based companies, be advised that the photos are nothing like the item, everything is very poor quality and workmanship, sizing is WAY off, and return postage is huge. They will, however offer you 30% off, but doubt it would actually happen….what a bunch of scam artists.

  20. Refund is a joke for this cheap looking fabric. Not able to contact anyone, except a phone number in Paris. To begin a return I placed my order number on return form and was told the number did not exist. What a sham.

  21. Thank you all for being so generous…
    I was just about to process a payment for 6 items and my daughter advised that we first check reviews. May God return unto you more than what you have been scammed

  22. My mum ordered from this site last year. Items never arrived, no way to contact anyone about it. No customer service. Scammers…

  23. I ordered 4 tops the first one I received I put straight into the garbage, the next three I will use when outside when gardening.
    Shocking material and shockingly made. They looked so good on the Computer. I suppose you only get what you pay for.

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