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Aizzor Com Reviews (Feb) Is It A Scam?

Aizzor Com Reviews (Feb) Is It A Scam? >> Would you like to buy some home décor items online? Then, check out the legitimacy of the site below.  

Each person wants to make his/her home look lovely, but sometimes lack of finances stops them from doing the same. Aizzor is a great website selling numerous home décor items at the most affordable rates for all the shoppers.

Let’s check out Aizzor Com Reviews to get a better idea about the kinds of products available here. Many homeowners in the United States have shopped from this website in the past.So, let’s read all the reviews, pros and cons of shopping at this website. Also, let’s find out whether Aizzor is legit or not.

Little more about Aizzor

Aizzor is an online portal selling different variety of home décor items. Some of the things available for sale here include rugs, wall games, sculptures, and much more.Despite having limited cash in hand, customers can enhance their homes’ overall look by referring to the products available on this website.Moreover, many of the products are presented at rock bottom rates, making it easier for customers to shop.  Now let’s have a look at the Aizzor Com Reviews.

Specifications of Aizzor 

  • The URL of the website is https://aizzor.com/  
  • This domain seems to be created recently as this website is not available on any social media platforms.
  • The phone number is +1 (613)-801-5217.
  • All the orders are processed on all days except Saturday and Sunday.
  • Orders are processed within 1-2 business days and delivered within the committed time period.  
  • Different modes of payment are presented here, including Visa, Google Pay, and Master Card.
  • Email ID presented on the website is info@aizzor.com
  • Online customers can subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals.
  • National orders are delivered within 5-7 business days.
  • The company also offers international shipping; all international orders are delivered within 8-10 business days.
  • This online portal has protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service apply.

Pros of shopping from Aizzor 

  • Both nationwide and international shipping is present.
  • The portal offers international shipping.
  • Different modes to pay are presented online.
  • Email ID is mentioned on the site so that customers can drop an email regarding their queries.

Cons of purchasing from Aizzor 

  • This website seems to be registered recently, and thus it becomes difficult to trust the authenticity of this website.
  • Many negative Aizzor Com Reviews are presented.
  • No details related to the company’s address is mentioned here.
  • No about section is available on the website.

Is Aizzor Legit?

While checking this online store, many negative factors were discovered, indicating that this site is a scam.

There are certain problems as the people who have purchased from this site posted their negative reviews in the past. Moreover, information related to the company’s address is not mentioned on the website.Along with this, no information related to the establishment year is mentioned anywhere on the website. Therefore, this website is not a good option as many loopholes make this portal a scam.

What are the Aizzor Com Reviews

There are limitless home décor items in the market that help home décor exactly the way you want. But at the same time, it is essential to look for the reliable shopping sites that offer excellent and reasonable products.

While checking out the reviews of the customers who have purchased something from this website in the past, we have referred to many social media platforms to know more about this company. But unfortunately, there are not many reviews available anywhere. Some people are satisfied with the products offered at this website while some are not.Also, no information related to the shipping charges is mentioned anywhere on the website.

The Bottom Line

Post doing a detailed survey of this site; we realized that this online store is not reliable. Many customers have faced many problems with the site, and there is no about us page as well. 

Many customers posted their concerns related to no responses & delay shipping while shopping from this portal. Therefore, we can say that site looks more like a scam, and you must refer to some other online portal in case interested in buying home décor items.It is recommended to stay away from such platforms and be careful while shopping. In case you have purchased anything from this website, share your Aizzor Com Reviews in the comment section presented underneath.We are always happy to help you out!!

46 thoughts on “Aizzor Com Reviews (Feb) Is It A Scam?

  1. Definite scam. I reached out before ordering and was told items were made and shipped from Canada. Didn’t receive order confirmation. Followed up again to find out orders are “ shipped” from China. They told me it was closer to ship from there to US. Then they provide fraudulent shipping label so they can say order is in process and can’t be refunded. 100% scam. Don’t order from them.

  2. Purchased an item and it has been waiting to ship for 22 days. Took 10 days for shipping to receive information. Tracking is on shop app. Weight is nit even close to the products weight. Emailed 6 times. Always get same Covid 19 excuse.

  3. Hi, I made a purchase from overseas and just minutes after the process I had a sudden doubt. I started to looking for information related to the webpage and found this. I feel so bad right now because I feel scammed. It hasn’t pass much time but since I paid but either way, I want my money back. I sent an email and called but no answer so far.

  4. I made a purchase of a large piece of selenite and paid right away.$49.99 including shipping and alight strip.I have written twice for estimate of delivery with no response.Got a bad feeling about it.I assume I have lost my money?

    1. On Jan 25, 2021, I made a purchase of 3 magnetic Giant Wall Chess Sets, order# 312545 , valued @ $49.95 each. Total purchase debited $149.97. I was assured that my merchandise would be delivered within 10 business days. As of the present time I’ve yet to receive anything. It appears that l have been fleeced .

    2. I ordered one too. I have written them 3 times. The last one I sent today bounced undeliverable. back as an error. I fear I have lost my money too.

    3. i have had the same thing happen to me!!! bought the selenite light have been really excited to receive it but nothing has come. it has been one month. i contacted twice but nothing and now the site is no longer available. how disgusting

    4. I too have ordered the same item… Also my gut is telling me that it was a scam. Too bad… Always remember if something is to good to be true…

  5. Thank you for reviewing this company! I was about to make a purchase but something felt off about it so I am really thankful for dodbuzz for helping me avoid disappointment and possibly losing money.

  6. It’s a scam! Ordered a product from this company, received a thank you from the “owner” and was provided a notice of shipment with a tracking number from some foreign delivery service “yun”. The information to this tracking just says “processing” and never changed. I attempted to contact the company Aizzor via email and the first response I got was their companies process for shipment which was two to three business days and then should receive product within 7 to 10. The last two times I contacted them I received no response at all! There is no sign or indication that I will receive the product I ordered. I will dispute the transaction with my financial institution in hopes to recover a refund. Buyer beware! it is important to research a company prior to making purchases Aizzor was promoting their product on a reputable website and unfortunately I took for granted that they were vetted when apparently that was not the case.

    1. Same here! I received tracking at the end of January, and the Yun track still says “processing.” The website now says that it isn’t taking any new orders. This is a scam for sure. Going to file a claim with my credit card company as well.

  7. I am worried that I have been scammed. I ordered a amethyst tree, and although the $49.99 has been taken from my account I have not heard a single word from them. No conformation has been sent to my email. I didn’t receive a order number. Oh how I wish I would have looked them up BEFORE purchasing anything from them.

    1. I’m in the same boat , I ordered the same amethyst tree 49.99 , stupid me put it on debit card instead of credit card much harder to dispute but I’m going to anyway , I’m so sick of these robbers ! Sorry for us ….

    1. The same with me ,I ordered the selenite fireplace sculpture and also still waiting
      Yun express is still processing,I think it’s all one big scame

  8. Drop ship website nightmare! AVOID. order and drops into Chinese outer space never to be heard from again. BE WARNED

  9. I ordered a selenite fireplace on 1/25/21 and have yet to get the product and my visa was charged on 1/25/21.

    1. I ordered the same thing on Jan 9th 2021. Nothing. Got charged and emailed them. They said it takes 4 to 5 weeks for delivery. Still haven’t received it or had any response to the current emails I’ve sent.

  10. It’s a SCAM! Dial the number above: 1 (613) 801- 5217, and you will get a message “We’re sorry, the number you have dialed has calling restrictions that have prevented the completion of your call.” The con artists should be arrested and made to pay back every single nickel they have stolen from unsuspecting victims! I trust the FBI will catch them.

  11. I ordered some thing from this site four months ago and have yet to receive it. I have sent multiple emails to this company with no response. Save your money, do NOT buy from this site.

  12. I just tried the phone number that is listed but do to virus no one there to answer question on where and when my order will be done and in the mail. I tried e-mailing but that doesn’t work either. Just want to know if it shipped or not?

  13. I have ordered a chess set for son from this company and I cannot track my order find out anything about this company. I did get a nice email from Alan who claims to be the founder of AIZZOR however web address does work claiming URL issues. The phone takes you to Ontario ( Canada, Calif. ???). There is a recording stating they are unable to answer calls because of Covid. Looking further I found out they are no longer taking orders but thanks for participating in their “Winter Sales Program”.
    I am out some money….BIG THUMBS DOWN.

  14. I purchased from auzzor in January they did indeed take money off my debit card but I have not received anything and you can’t contact them anymore and they have shut down getting any information from them! I have reported this to Facebook marketplace and also the better business bureau and also my bank

  15. I ordered a product on Jan 18/21 and cancelled it the next day. I received an email telling me I’d get a refund in 14 business days. It’s February 20th still no refund. As soon as the 14 days were up they stopped responding to my emails. I had to call my bank and dispute the charge. I hope they can get it back for me. This site is a scam.

  16. Same here with the selenite fireplace….ordered late Jan and nothing to date after receiving email and tracking number from “Yun Express” I emailed two weeks ago and got the standard “Due to covid orders are running behind”
    Now contacting my bank, but lesson learned that just because it’s advertised with a reputable website does NOT mean it’s a reputable business.

  17. I purchased a selenite fireplace insert Dec. 27 and it is now Feb 22 and still have not received it and no tracking info. I message them and they do no respond. How do I get my money back????

  18. SCAM! I ordered the AMETHYST TREE: $49.99 and I I should have got the order by now!…..I received an order confirmation from the owner Alan but never received the shipping confirmation or tracking number. When I click on the link provided to view my order it says it no longer exists. The catalog page now says “We have reached our current order capacity and are not taking anymore new orders.” I tried emailing them and no one got back to me. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

  19. I did get a response to an email form them from a person named Alyssa today. She basically said it takes 5 business days to process and 2-3 weeks delivery. Of course, we’ve already passed those dates. Sent a follow up… let’s see if/how they respond.

    1. I did the same. When I asked questions about the product, I got a response. When I questioned the delivery after a month…4 times, no response. I will contact my credit card company and have charges reversed

    1. I did the same. When I asked questions about the product, I got a response. When I questioned the delivery after a month…4 times, no response. I will contact my credit card company and have charges reversed

  20. I made a purchase of 4 resin statutes on Feb 7th and have yet to receive a tracking number or anything after the welcome email. I replied to that email asking for some sort of delivery date and received no reply. I have now emailed them 2 more sperate times to no avail and their number is shut down due to covid. I’ve heard good things about Aizzor im the past but it seems that they have developed into scam artist. Company states all orders are delivered within 3-4 business weeks. By the end of the week if they do not reply to me I will be contacting the fraud department and will be filing charges against this company for this misfortune. Very disappointed.

  21. same thing here I ordered a wall chess , but website went down days after, is there any way to Facebook take responsibility ,cause they are allowing this fake companies to scam people .Fb should filter better this companies and just not take the money from any fake company advertising there.

  22. This thread is very illuminating!
    I ordered the Selenite Fireplace Sculpture and have been checking YUN Express
    Website frequently.
    For about 6 weeks it is listed shipping info received and processing!
    I have emailed twice, no response!
    So frustrating I was looking forward to receiving item order.
    Don’t think that is likely to happen.
    The site appears to be shut down!

  23. I ordered on January 24th. And as of February 25, nothing has arrived. I have emailed 4 times. no response
    I will contact my credit card company and have the charges reversed.

  24. I ordered the Selenite fireplace set and same as everyone else. Have not received it and it’s been a month. I am going to call my bank and dispute. Have emailed them three times with no response. Scam!!

  25. I reported this to FB as well. They are too busy fact checking bias crap. I’m in for the amethyst tree as well as of the beginning of February. Just an automated response after requesting status. Guess the next call is to my credit card company. Damn crying shame FB allows them on their marketplace. Was hoping to receive what I paid for….

  26. I wish I had found this website before purchased the selenite too. Jan 1 and never got my merchandise. They responded with the COVID excuse even called said they were closed. Asked for you money back but never got a response.

  27. Wow looks like whoever had this site scammed everyone. I hope everyone reported them to the FTC and other authorities. Using the internet to scam people is a federal crime. They have to have a legitimate bank account somewhere. Eventually they will be caught. You know what they say Fed crime Fed Time plus restitution.

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