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Al Composite Video App {Jan 2022} Get Deep Information!

This article gives a comprehensive review of a popular application used by YouTubers and Tik-Talkers, known as Al Composite Video App.

Al video app is trending among the grown-up generation Worldwide. Al video app is popularly searched on the internet as Ai video app. Do you want to know if the Al app is a scam? Where can you find the Al app? What are the uses of the Al app? What is the latest news and trends of the Al app?

You are reading a comprehensive review of the Al Composite Video App below. 

Table of Contents

What is Al Composite App?

Al app is available with third party websites. There are many names and versions of the Al app available on the internet. Al video app is an image, video and audio editing application. Some of the Al applications are device-independent and can be installed for Windows OS also. 

  • Al video application can be easily install from third-party websites, and it is mostly below thirty mega bites. 
  • You need to upload a picture that includes the face of an individual.
  • The application will recognize the facial features in the picture you had uploaded on Al Composite Video App, which is further used to make synthetic videos and images.
  • In other words, the face from the image you had uploaded can be used to OVERLAY other images and videos and audio. 


  • The application became popular for many YouTubers and tik tokers. For example, you can upload a video featuring movements of your lips and overlay the video with the voice of the famous artist. The result of editing gives the impression of an individual with a beautiful voice. 
  • The videos of famous dancers are also overlapped with the face of other individuals on the Al Composite Video App
  • Similarly, your image can be overlapped with the background (or) foreground of famous locations.
  • It is not surprising that netizens will believe that the video is genuine and start following your posts, like your videos, and share it to make it viral. 


  • Recently, Helen Mort, a poet, shared how her image was stolen from social media and uploaded on such an application to create synthetic illicit images.
  • The application gives freedom to upload a picture of any individual from any device without any verification. 
  • Image, once uploaded, can be edited featuring violent videos, illicit videos etc.

Is Al Composite Video App legit?

Al video application is NOT legitimate. It is from a third-party website where any application developer can create an app and publish it. The application also requires permission to access media available on your device at the stake of their privacy.

Application Reviews:

Positive reviews were given by YouTubers and Tik-Talkers as application is easy to use and FREE. But, thousands of individuals had reported their synthetic videos and images being created. 


This application lures the users stating that it is FREE and easy to use. We advise you to install image, video and audio editing applications published on the official application store. On third party websites, Al Composite Video App is available with similar features and venerability with SEVERAL names. Hence, please avoid applications from third-party websites.

Did you use any media-editing application? Do let us know which application did you feel is trustworthy.

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