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Alien Tape Reviews [Jan 2022] – Is It That Good?

Alien Tape Reviews [Jan 2022] – Is It That Good? -> This article shares the details of AlienTape, voted as the best duct tape of 2020. Here you will read the customer reviews, specifications and much more.

Are you looking for the best adhesive tape? Alien Tape is duct tape for all the broken pieces. Fix everything with ease.

Weak adhesion is one of the most irritating things. It creates irritation to fix the same thing again and again. But now, Alien Tape-the best tape 2020 is here to fix all your broken pieces and materials. Alien Tape is trending in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

What is Alien Tape?

Alien Tape is a duct tape that allows you to stick two objects or broken pieces together. With its powerful adhesive feature, this duct tape can hold any of the materials without leaving any residue. It is designed in such a way that it can stay active in extreme weather conditions, and thus even if you are using it outdoor, it holds on to the objects. Alien Tape is waterproof, and therefore this is the best solution for leaking pipes as well.

Why should you buy Alien Tape unique?

Alien Tape is made with pressure-sensitive adhesive technology, and thus it sticks almost permanently.

Through the van der Waals forces, it joins the two objects to each other. As compared to other local duct tapes, Alien Tape is more potent with its adhesive and is waterproof. No other tapes can keep a hold on the objects in rough weather conditions, whereas Alien Tape works even in the bad weather and does not affect the adhesion.

No other tapes can hold two various materials, but Alien Tape can. You can stick so many different types of materials through it, and that too without worrying as this duct tape is known for holding the objects permanently. From leaking pipes to air pressures, you can fix everything with this duct tape.

Specifications of Alien Tape:

  • The tape is made up of polythene material.
  • It is 48 mm by 20m.
  • The duct tape is UV stable and waterproof.
  • It sticks to various materials like fabric, stone, tarpaulin, ceramics, etc.
  • It has a strong adhesive.
  • It does not leave any residue.

How to use Alien Tape?

Using the Alien Tape is easy, just like any other duct tape. Once you unpack the product, start removing the tape like you use standard cello tape and start sticking on the material you wish to hold. Place the broken equipment on it, and you are done.

Once applied, you won’t need to worry about sticking it again and again. Its strong adhesive will hold on to the material for a long time.

Benefits of using Alien Tape:

    • Alien Tape has a powerful adhesive.
    • It does not look messy after using it because it gives a clean and polished look.
    • This duct tape can be stuck to any material, including wood, tiles, polythene, glass, and many more.
    • It can also be used for outdoor purposes as it is waterproof.
    • Alien Tape is UV stable, which means that even sun rays won’t affect the tape.
    • It does not lose the adhesive, and so once stuck, you need not worry about looking after the material again and again.
    • It can survive in extreme weather conditions.
    • It is affordable.
    • Alien Tape instantly sticks to any of the material, and thus it can be used for DIY as well.

Real Reviews from the users Below:

Noah It sticks everything. I had ordered it to hold the wooden plank to my cupboard. And it held well. The plank has not fallen even after I have placed things on it. The quality of the tape is excellent and is very adhesive. For someone like me who does not know how to fix broken things, this tape comes in super-handy.

Michael I had ordered this tape a few months back. It worked so well that I have placed another order of three more tapes. Such rare pieces should always be kept in stock, and thus I have re-ordered the tape. As compared to other local duct tapes, this is of outstanding quality.

Brian This is the best duct tape so far. I was not sure if this tape would ever work, but it works well and good. The adhesive is strong and holds on to fixed things for a long time. I have tried sticking different materials like glass, wood, etc. and all of them have just stuck finely. There is no chance that the duct tape will get loose.

Jimmy I have never found any better duct tape than this. I ordered it for my school project, and it holds on two wooden materials so well. My entire project was saved because of this duct tape. I scored the best in my project, and one of the essential parts was played by the Alien Tape by holding it on.

Henry No doubt, this is the best. I bought it after reading the positive customer reviews. I thought of giving it a try, and thankfully it works. It is not even that expensive for the quality it is made up of. One can buy it without having any thoughts. This will surely work.

Where to buy the Alien Tape?

To buy the Alien Tape, visit the official website through the link mentioned here. The site delivers the product in just a few days and also manages to pack the product safely. Make sure you buy it from the official website only and ensure your safety from the scams.

Final Verdict

Strongly sticky duct tape is very rare to find. But Alien Tape is that one rarest budget-friendly strong sticking tape that allows you to fix things. The customer reviews and its specifications give an affirmative nod to buy this tape. Thus, we are sure that this duct tape will be helpful to you and so we recommend this product to you.

46 thoughts on “Alien Tape Reviews [Jan 2022] – Is It That Good?

    1. Hello: 😷
      Just saw your informerical about a hour ago…..and I was planning to order it however after reading the REVIEWS, I’m on the fence. Some of your customers have been waiting for their order for weeks even months. As much as I would LOVE to order this cause I really need it and would love to have…..I’m just not willing for you to have my money and I don’t have a guarantee that I will have my TAPE when I need it.
      I guess I be using those COMMAND STRIPS.
      Thank You

    2. Ordered the product over the phone. They kept pushing add on crop to the sale so I hung up. Just got a letter saying the sale failed. For those looking for contact info, here is part of that letter…

      (844)620-3701 or cutomerstatus.com

  1. I ordered the 3 roll deal back in Feb. 2020, as of this date I have not received my order or any information as to when it might get here. I think you people have dropped the ball. Will someone please fill me in on my order or do I cancel it?

    1. Ronald, I don’t work for the company but ordered something from another company on April 3rd and still haven’t got it 21 days later and learned that Priority mail that normally takes 2-3 days is now taking 4-6wks.

    2. Hey Ron, I’ve got you beat. I ordered the triple deal on April 15th, and am at the 82nd day mark.

  2. Can Alain tape be use to stick the ceiling cloth back up in vehicles? How does it hold up to the Florida sun and heat?

  3. I ordered mine, a triple pack, on February 15, 2020 and have heard nothing since. My order number is29692245, and it’d 6 days from being canceled, 8 weeks.

  4. So the instructions say not to use on painted surfaces or sheet rock so does that mean I can’t use it to hang a picture on a painted wall? 🙁

    1. I ordered it from Walmart and got it in three days and yes it’s made in China everything is made in China so you might as well throw everything out that you have in your house Even your clothes look at everything you buy for your kitchen for your living room for your bedroom girl everything is made in China this would be a hard thing to stop so sad but true Well I’m going to see if it works? GG

  5. I also ordered this product on April 15 2020. After reading the reviews I am not sure where to call and cancel my order

  6. IF it is Made in China – DO NOT BUY! I could not find where this product is manufactured. This should, now, be a product information requirement. Stand up USA – each of us, refusing these China Made products will make a significant impact.

  7. I placed an order and have been on hold for hours waiting to cancel. I dont think they have any customer service, they dont have anyone to contact. I would NOT recommend ordering from these people.

  8. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your post seem to be running off the screen in Internet explorer. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The design and style look great though! Hope you get the problem resolved soon. Cheers

  9. After seeing these comments on the tape, I’m not ordering. And the fact that it is made in China was the 1st, the second when I read it tore the wallpaper, if it said “made in the USA” I would have ordered anyway – 6 rolls I won’t have to wait to receive.

  10. I didn’t like they want you to order something else. So I hang up. I like to a person

    1. I ordered mine July 5, 2020 and received it today July 10, 2020. Are the reviews biased toward negatives here?

  11. Try Amazon.com folks. Similar tape available in a few days. Will stick to paint or wallpaper, as long as there is no real pull (like posters or light paintings).

  12. I’ve been anxiously waiting for my alien tape for weeks now and am realizing it may not be coming at all. No email was ever sent to me when I ordered….nothing. Today I went on Alien Tape website to search for my order. They took me to a “NOT A SECURE SITE”. Do not give your credit card information!!! Tomorrow I am going to try to cancel my order. If I would’ve known I could purchase the same thing from Walmart or Amazon, I wouldn’t have bought from their website. So disappointed with the wait and no communication. I noticed on the info it did give me, that they are out of it. They’re out of the Trac Light I bought also.

  13. Overpriced. Took a month to receive. The ad indicates 21 feet. Three rolls do not even have 21 feet. I purchased another nano tape from amazon at under $10 which had more in 1 roll.

  14. I’ve got this under cabinet light that keeps coming down (with velcro) from under the metal bottom of my medicine chest. Will this finally keep it up?

  15. Bought this tape at Walmart. Was very excited and couldn’t wait to use it. Very sticky with first use but after removing and rinsing to use again I was very disappointed. Not close to being as good the second time around!

  16. I have used his product to mount outdoor solar fixtures to my house and it worked as advertised. I just used it this morning to fix my Nike shower sandal. The adhesive that held the band on let go. I cannot believe it actually is holding it together but it really is!!!! I am sold.

  17. I was excited to order when the advertisement said I could hang pictures or ANYTHING wherever I wanted. When I received my order and read the instructions it said not to use on painted walls.. Where else do you hang pictures? I tried to contact the company to complain but the wait was so long I finally hung up.
    This is a waste of money.

  18. used it to attach a small home camera on the wall. and it fell after 1 hour.. rip off
    Don’t waste your money…

    1. I had the same with my small camera that I had on the aluminum siding. I called their number (1-844-620-3701) and was told not to press hard, but softer. I hope this advice works. Also, it is not easily removed. My siding is gummy.

  19. I got my Alien Tape without a long wait. Was VERY excited about being able to mount/hang weighty stuff (like pictures) on ANY wall. Nope. The instructions that came with the tape sait to NOT use it on painted walls or drywall. It wasn’t encouraging about using it on stone. I used it to hang a picture on our knotty-pine paneling. It fell off in less than 15 min. Took it & washed it for reuse — that’s a laugh. Doesn’t work at all after 1st use (and doesn’t stay long with 1st use). Camen back to their site to watch video to see what I was doing wrong or was overlooking — nothing. Am incredibly disappointed. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  20. I bought Alien Tape thinking it was gonna be the answer to a lot issues. I used it to hang a small 15″x20″ mirror. I followed instructions and installed it. I was impressed how it stuck. Around 4 hours later, I went to check it out and the mirror was shattered on the ground.

  21. Do not order from this company! After we ordered the tape we received two packages we did not order and we had to pay for shipping to return it! All we wanted was the tape and we never received it! They charged my credit card $80.00 still trying to get refunded and it has been 3 weeks. Will never deal with this company again!

  22. Please heed this excerpt from a brief article I found that had come to my attention about 3-4 weeks ago and that pertains directly to this product called Alien Tape:
    (TORONTO CANADA): As of hours ago, it has been determined by outside contract military services assigned by President Trump to investigate specific occurrences dealing with possible fraudulent activity . . . . WH officials under the Trump regime have corroborated with such evidence . . . . that the product referred to as Alien Tape is allegedly manufactured with potentially hazardous material that could potentially lead to upper respiratory issues that may lead to possible coronavirus complications and as such, all manufacturing has been halted by executive order by President Trump . . . .

  23. I bought the three pack. Total waste of money. Last night I used it to hang two framed pictures. Each weigh over a pound. Alien Tape claims it hold 18 pounds. Less than 10 hours later, I heard a crash & one frame fell off & broke. Don’t waste your money.

  24. I bought the three pack. Total waste of money. Last night I used it to hang two framed pictures. Each weigh under a pound. Alien Tape claims it hold 18 pounds. Less than 10 hours later, I heard a crash & one frame fell off & broke. Don’t waste your money.

  25. If you have a Dollar General in your area they have it there…2 pak for $8. The price may vary depending on the store.

  26. I purchased the tape, it was a 4 pk for $20.00, tried it on something small first just to see. It was a small wooden create, the ones you buy at a craft store 1ft X 1 ft by 6
    inches wide with slats and the wood is about 1/2 inch thick. I put some tape on all 4 corners and put it just above the toilet on the wall, put 8 rolls of toilet paper in the box just to see what would happen. Well it stayed on the wall for about 8 hours and my husband said everything fell on the floor around 6 in the morning. So to me if it can’t hold up toilet paper then it definitely won’t hold a picture with glass. Not happy with this product.

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