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[Full Watch Video] Alligator Kills Florida Woman Full Video: Check The Details On Attacked Video Viral On Reddit, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

This write-up on Alligator Kills Florida Woman Full Video details a tragic incident. Read article to know more.

Have you heard any recent news from Florida State? Do you live in Florida or nearby? If yes, this post must interest you as an 85-years older woman was dragged to death by an Alligator near a lake. People from the Philippines, the United States, and the United Kingdom want to know every detail about the Alligator Kills Florida Woman Full Video incident.

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Details on Trending News

A few days ago, a woman named Gloria Serge succumbed to death in an Alligator attack. She was near the Spanish Fairways-lake along with her dog. And suddenly, an alligator around 10-foot long surfaced and lunged at her dog. She tried to save her precious dog from the monster. In the scuffle, the Alligator came out of the water to attack Gloria. Being 85 years old, she couldn’t run from there, and the around 700 pounds weighing beast dragged her to death. In the end, her dog survived, but Serge couldn’t. 

Disclaimer: We do not recommend watching the attack video for kids and people with weak hearts. The footage is disturbing.

The attack Video Got Viral On Reddit

A video filmed the exact moment the Alligator attacked the woman has surfaced. Her neighbour, Carol, called 911 to save the woman, but unfortunately, while carol was explaining the situation, the Alligator got Gloria and killed her. She told that a woman was in the lake and an alligator was after her and after a few minutes she told them that she thought the woman was dead as a body was floating in the water. She even tried to save her by pulling her with a pole. Since then, the video of the incident has gone viral on Twitter.

At last, the Alligator was captured by the team of trappers. According to Robert Lilly, capturing the predator was a fight as it was very difficult to trap, and the Alligator stayed low the whole time. A precious life was taken, and she tried to save her dog, who survived, but the 85-year-old Gloria passed away. Her friend and beloved are shackled. They couldn’t believe that she had left them. Sheriff Ken, from the office of St. Lucie County Sheriff, released a statement in which they paid their condolences to the woman and stated that the news devastated the community. Several videos of the attack are present on Youtube.


On Monday, in Florida state of the U.S., an alligator attacked an older woman and killed her. Gloria Serge, who went out for a walk with her dog near a lake, was dragged to death by the predator. When the monster surfaced, she tried to save her dog but couldn’t save herself from the 10-foot-long beast. While a neighbouring woman, Carol, called 911 and tried to save the woman. Click here to watch the terrifying video.

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Updates on Alligator Attack Video Trending on Instagram: FAQs

Q1. When did the incident happen?

A1. The incident happened on Monday, 20th February 2023.

Q2. Where did this attack take place?

A2. In Florida’s Fort Pierce near lake fairways at a retirement community.

Q3. Who was the victim?

A3. An 85-year-old Gloria Serge was the victim.

Q4. How big was the Alligator?

A4. The Alligator was 11 feet long and around 700 pounds heavy.

Q5. Is the attack video available on all social media channels?

A5. Yes, the video is available on every social media, for example, YouTube and Telegram

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