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American Frontline Doctors Website (Jan 2021) Some Facts

American Frontline Doctors Website (Jan 2021) Some Facts >> Read the article to know about this viral group of doctors spreading the Covid-19 vaccine’s misinformation in the country.

The American Frontline Doctors Website received some fame recently because of their claims against the Covid-19 Vaccine in the United States. This group of so-called doctors was in the news in July last year because of their later deleted video.

This group has been the most talked-about group amongst the public recently. They comprise seven people who claim to be experienced doctors in terms of dealing with Covid-19 patients. They had given a speech earlier in front of the Supreme Court, mainly emphasizing hydroxychloroquine to fight against coronavirus.

What is American Frontline Doctors Website?

The americasfrontlinedoctors.com is the official website of 7 doctors from the United States who have made various claims regarding the Covid-19 situation in the country.

The group’s founder is Dr. Simone Gold, who was recently arrested regarding recent Capitol insurrection involvement.

The website contains information on their summits, media reports, newsletter, and about them. You can also donate to their cause and support them. Complete information through videos and articles is explained about the use of HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) against Covid-19.

They have mentioned their members’ details and their Twitter handles linked at the same page of the American Frontline Doctors Website. You can mail at media@AFLDS.com for press and media inquiries.

You will have to log in and become their member to access all the content on the website.

Some exciting news of AFLDS:

  • The group has claimed that HCQ is very effective against coronavirus based upon their experiment on several patients.
  • They have also mentioned that people will test positive for it by injecting the government’s covid vaccine. 
  • Recently, the founder of this group, Simone Gold, was arrested for being related to the capitol insurrection.
  • Many other associations of doctors have mentioned that AFLDS is discussing outrageous views to the public.
  • Many news websites have researched and found out that they are not doctors but mere physicians, and one of them is a dentist whose license is expired and has not practiced his profession for decades.

Customer Reviews for American Frontline Doctors Website:

There are no reviews available on the Internet for this website. But we surely know that the group has received massive criticism for spreading disinformation amongst the public. Donald Trump and many personalities had highlighted this group’s views, but many have considered them outrageous.

These doctors have not experimented or treated real Covid-19 patients, but they are still making false claims that is not acceptable.

Some news channels have even mentioned that people found their viral video fascinating. In the video, doctors wearing lab coats, standing in front of the Supreme Court, and giving a speech against the country’s Covid-19 situation.

Have you seen the viral video of these people? Let us know in the comment section below.

Final Verdict:

American Frontline Doctors Website is the official website of so-called America’s Frontline Doctors spreading misinformation regarding the coronavirus and its vaccine.

Their claims are exciting and can be read on the website itself. You must enroll in their membership to access the information.

16 thoughts on “American Frontline Doctors Website (Jan 2021) Some Facts

  1. I have seen Dr. gold speak before and she was very informative.
    I know I’m tired of the medical profession lying to us, about what we eat, and other things
    all because of Big Pharma and their money. I will share your info.

  2. I am interested to getting some hydroxychloroquin (spelling ?) to have on hand as I am the caretaker for my husband of 55 years who is a stage 4 prostate cancer patient who has tried everything and now has metastasized into his backbone and ribs. This has been a 5 year journey but we keep on keeping on with God’s grace. I really don’t want to get the vaccine as he really depends on me and we don’t know how or when this is going to be even more confining. His oncologist convinced him that he should take the vaccine and he has had the 1st inoculation of Moderna and will be due for the 2nd. He has since come across some information that makes him wonder if he should take the 2nd shot. Also, he needs to have some spot radiation on the 11th vertebrae with a tumor that is starting to press on some nerves without yet entering the spinal column. His oncologist also wants him to start chemo infusion every 3 weeks. He has been on many other oral chemo meds which become ineffective for lowering his PSA which was 358. I give him lots of good supplements along with healthy meals but his appetite is waning. Thank you for your bravery, i would appreciate a response.

  3. Wow, such in depth analysis! Let’s see, who should I believe, you who offers no counterpoint, only finger pointing, or FLD who at least know how to footnote and present an argument. Stick to gadget reviews Alex.

  4. keep up the good fight, im proud of all of you! i called my doctor to mess with him, i asked to get hqc from him and he said no because he belevied this does not work

  5. You are trying to suppress free speech! And what tabout your comment that they are “mere physicians” ?? Of course they are physicians…that is what they claim to be!!!!!

  6. How do I get the medication “Hydroxide Corsiquine” not sure of spelling. What phone number or web site do I use?

    Thank you, Robert

      1. So sad that main stream media and main stream doctors are letting people die from inflammation of the lungs when there are medical treatments that work! Patients have the RIGHT to try a medicine that has no known side effects! The FLD’s want people to live and main stream doctors are letting them die! DO THE RESEARCH!

  7. The news and government come against this group are the same ones that claimed the Hydroxichloriphorm(?) would harm you. Thats because Doctor Fauchy was not going to get his Kick Back. They also were saying that the next strain of COVID19 would be worse.HaHA

  8. Wrong! You people are doing a dis-service to American citizens, and to people all over the world. Not doctors but MERE physicians?? I mean, you even know what you are talking about? They are being silenced in everything they do…’ censorship is against our Constitutional rights to Free speech!
    YOU…the BAD guys took down their video. Dr. Gold should sue you for slander. Oh, yea, I forgot…the courts are crooked as well as the media!
    Dr. Gold was arrested & FBI swarmed her home ONLY because she was at the CapitoI speaking on the steps to deliver a little speech!!
    I have watched all the videos, even watched Dr. Gold LIVE on TV today. I have read & followed up on links. Did you? Of course you didn’t. Spreading misinformation?? Wrong! You idiots are spreading propaganda. And you know it. “We the People” will not be brainwashed & will NOT fall for your bullshit. WE ARE NOT STUPID! WE WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED BY YOU! Please shut the fuck up & go to hell. Oh, while you’re at it REMOVE MY E-MAIL FROM YOUR LOSER LIST. With all Sincerity, CYNTHIA
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You Are Guilty of Spreading Dis Information and Slander~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    1. AMEN SISTER!!!! !!!
      Mere “physicians” , not DOCTORS??? I think you might have too many letters after your name!!! You are an accomplise to MURDER of thousands of innocent people. Turn your Titanic around and save your selves. Karma is not a bitch it’s hell. Oh but you have chosen this road spreading lies about a gift from the creator This amazing group , ” Front line doctors.” WAKE UP PEOPLE YOU ARE BEING MANIPULATED AND YOUR VERY LIVES ARE BEING TAKEN WILLINGLY!!

      1. The entire cabal of politicians, pharma, big tech are all complicit in this virus HOAX! it is SARS-2…. follow on to SARS-1, which never had any vaccine or cure… even the so-called ‘Flu vaccent’ doesn’t prevent the flu… I’ve taken 1 flu vaccine in the past 50 years, was ineffective! The who corona hoax is about money and control… people dying of gun shot, diabetes, old age, pnuemonia… and all of it being attributed to Covid… it is all pre-planned setting up the world for a One World government… out of New York Hdqtrs – the U.N. and the godless leaders now in power are facilitating it…. the fake doctors are the ones telling the tall tales – Dr. Ouchi Fouchi… complicit in all the lies… President Trump didn’t get rid of him soon enough…. the media lies continue, the belief is if you tell a lie enough times and long enough it becomes the truth. The latest raid with 20 FBI agents… wow, they must be pretty scared of the truth…. if our leaders do not repent and turn from their wicked ways they too will perish! The idiot who wrote this misinformation report is just as complicit in all it’s lies!

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