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Ameshop Com Mx (Jan 2021) Explore the Platform!

Ameshop Com Mx (Jan 2021) Explore the Platform! >>If you are a fan of Club America Mexican Professional -Football/Soccer Club, and want to know more about their merchandise store, this article will be of fair use. Do give it a read.

If you’re a big-time football fan and love collecting your favorite team’s merchandise, today’s article would be of interest to you. In today’s article, we shall discuss an online store that sells football merchandise. 

We will do a detailed analysis of the website and draw conclusions based on the facts available to us. It is necessary to understand that the website is currently inaccessible, and the information we derive will be from the website’s cached version.

Football fans from the United States and worldwide are curious about Ameshop com mxso let us get right to it without any further ado. 

What is Ameshop com?

This website claims to be the official store of the largest team in Mexico, Club America. Club America was founded on the 12th of October, 1916, in Mexico City, Mexico, and is owned by Televisa. The store offers a wide range of lifestyle clothing, caps, souvenirs, training clothes, and official jerseys. All the items are available in men’s, women’s, and kid’s categories. 

The website also gives its users a unique option of “Jersey Customization,” a personalized jersey. 

The store certainly has an intriguing variety of merchandise to offer but is it a reliable website? Let us find out. 

Specifications of Ameshop com mx: 

  • Official website: ameshop.com.mx    
  • Contact number: 55-47-50-17-77
  • Messenger Handle: @ameshop
  • WhatsApp contact: 8180507202
  • Accepted payment methods: Visa, PayPal, American Express, and MasterCard from all banks within the Mexican Republic.

Website analysis of Ameshop com:

Despite having an exciting and tempting range of merchandise, web analysis narrated a completely different story. The website has a terrible digital trust score. The domain name is very recent (barely six months old) and has a very short life expectancy online. 

It is highly recommended not to indulge in any transactions regarding Ameshop com mx. The chances of falling victim to malicious activities are undoubtedly high, given the digital trust score it has attained. 

Customer Reviews:

After scanning through the products available on this websiteit was easy to say that the customer reviews were unreliable. Even the best sellers of the store did not have good customer reviews to support them. Without reliable user-provided feedback, a website is certainly cannot be trusted. 

Final Verdict:

The web-store Ameshop com mx is, without a doubt, very tempting for all football fans. Especially for the fans that belong to the United States. People must understand that the facts and figures are the actual means by which we can trust a website. This particular website is inaccessible to people of various regions. Ameshop also has an abysmal digital trust score, which makes it an utterly unreliable platform.

The customer and user reviews are very scarce and suspicious. Even though the website is affiliated with a reputed Mexican Soccer Club called Club America, the analysis we have derived declares the website- unreliable.

Kindly leave your thoughts about Ameshop com mx the same in the comment section below.

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