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Amina Zuri Asetmaat (June 2021) Know The Story Here!

Amina Zuri Asetmaat (June 2021) Know The Story Here! >> Want to know more regarding the news and how it happened? Read below and get the details.

Are you aware of the woman and the news that is flooding the internet? Well, the users can know regarding it through the content that is provided below.

Amina Zuri Asetmaat shows that the woman is a mother of a 4-year-old child who died in the hospital yesterday. 

The news is famous in the United States, and many people are watching the video and knowing about the incident that happened in the hospital.

What is the news about?

We see that the news regarding the four-year-old child admitted to the hospital was not properly medicated, and the situation worsened.

The hospital where the son of the woman was admitted is Nemours Children hospital, and according to the mother, her son was killed.

Amina Zuri Asetmaat videos show that the son was not properly cared for in the hospital, and his heartbeat stopped.

The mother of the four-year-old is trying to share the video through YouTube so that more people can know about it through social media. She wants the people to know how one mistake can kill their patients, and they won’t even bother lately after it is done.

We see that the heartbeat and blood pressure displayed in the vaideo are not of a living person, and the boy has died. To know more, read ahead and get the important details.

Important points regarding Amina Zuri Asetmaat:

  • According to her Facebook profile, we know that the lady is deputy chief and a part of the Black Panther party.
  • Moreover, we see that she is the one who believes in prayers and meditation can change the mind and manifestation.
  • She mentioned in her video that the doctor fed the four-year-old Benadryl, after which his heartbeat stopped.
  • She also mentions in her video to the people to share this incident so the people can know about the hospital and how they treat their patients.

Views of people regarding Amina Zuri Asetmaat:

As per the comments on the YouTube video, we see that the patient was in a coma for over a year, and the death could be even because of lack of oxygen or movement in the body.

People are sharing their condolences on her loss and even have prayers for the family. People also feel that the family was in denial about the child, but it is normal for a baby in a comma to die.

The bottom line:

Thus, we find that the woman is trying to reach out to people and want them to share the incident, but we also feel that the death of a person who is in a coma for s long is normal.

Moreover, a lot of people are supporting Amina Zuri Asetmaat and sharing their prayers. Do you want to know more regarding it, read here


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