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Among Us Blow Up Costume (Oct) Dress Up In This Costume!

This article discusses the Among Us Blow up Costume release and offers all the essential information about this item.

Online games are undoubtedly some of the most popular video games at the moment. An online game, Among Us, has gained popularity in recent years and has become one of the most successful online games. 

This game’s unique plot and gameplay made it stand apart from others and gain an enormous user base. Recently, a new product release related to this game has made Among Us Blow up Costume trending.

Keep reading this article to get all the relevant information about this online game and the costume. The term has become popular in many regions, including Australia, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom

What is a Blow Up Costume?

You have likely already seen a blow-up costume on a mascot or in the design of a sumo wrestler, ballerina or a cowboy before. Pig and chicken blow-up costumes are also widely used for various purposes. A blow-up costume, more commonly called an inflated or inflatable costume, is a costume filled with air. A battery fills the costume with air through the means of a blower. 

Among Us Blow up Costume is an inflatable costume available in the game. These costumes are also up to 9-10 feet in height. They’re widely used for entertainment, advertisement and promotional purposes. For instance, mascots often wear these costumes, and NBA teams also own these costumes. 

A Few Words About Among Us

  • It’s an online social deduction game that the game studio, Innersloth, published.
  • The game’s available to play on all major operating systems.
  • The inspirations behind this game are the film “The Thing” and the game “Mafia.”
  • In the game, Crewmates have to spot the Impostors and eliminate them. 

Details about Among Us Blow up Costume

  • As the title suggests, it refers to blow-up costumes related to the online game, Among Us.
  • Players of Among Us will be familiar with the costumes of their in-game characters.
  • InnerSloth is now offering these costumes physically in the form of blow-up or inflatable costumes.
  • It’s a special release by the company on Halloween, which is about to come.
  • Customers can dress up as the character in this game on Halloween and have fun in this costume.
  • InnerSloth released this costume in a partnership with Toikido, a toy company.
  • The Among Us Blow up Costume will allow users to dress as Crewmates.
  • These dresses are available for purchase on the Amazon page of Among Us.
  • Adults can get this costume in Red and Black colors while kids have the options of Orange and Purple.
  • Sources suggest that InnerSloth will also add more colors to the collection shortly. 
  • Read more about these costumes here

The Final Verdict        

InnerSloth is offering physical units of the characters’ costumes in the game, Among Us, as inflatable costumes for Halloween. All the relevant information is mentioned above. 

What do you think of the release of these costumes? Do you enjoy playing Among Us? Kindly share your opinions on Among Us Blow up Costume in the comments.

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