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Among Us Jester Mode {Jan} know about trending mode

Among Us Jester Mode {Jan} know about trending mode -> Are you a diehard fan of playing Among us? Find the details about the recently came mode of the game in this writing.

Do you love playing online games? Yes, there must be anyone specific online game you too love and like to play when you are free or getting bored. Online games are becoming an integral part of our lives. From young kids to old aged, everyone loves one or another game. 

Today we are talking about one popular online game, Among us widely popular across the United States. The developers of the game have launched Among Us Jester Mode to play the game with different themes.

What is among us?

Among is a game available in an online platform mostly similar to traditional social deduction game, mafia. This game is top-rated among online game players across the United States. The game is developed with a unique idea of cheating and guessing. Players are divided into two groups; the bigger group is assigned a task and finds the imposter in the game. The game is trendy. Let us know more about its recent mode update. 

What is among us jester mode?

In jester mode, this is a custom mode for the game. One player gets the role of jester, and they need to be voted out to win the whole game. If you take the role of jester, then you don’t need to be in crew members or an imposter in the game. As a guess, when the crew members vote you out as an imposter, you win the game, and the imposter and all crew members will suffer defeat.

 The Among us jester mode makes the players hesitate to vote anyone out because they can be a jester as well, not an imposter. The mode has made the game more exciting and fun. You get an easy option to win the game in the role of a jester. The mode is worth trying once to make the game more interesting for you.

How to play jester mode?

Only Knowing and getting the jester mode will not help you to win the game. You need to be aware of how to play the among us jester mode to use it in the best way to win the game. Once a player is assigned the jester role in the game, you must act suspiciously to be an imposter. the jester should not act too many suspicions. It can lead you to stay in-game. 

The crew members will not vote out. As a jester, you need to do your best acting to look innocent and suspicious at the same time. Otherwise, you can even get killed by an Imposter, and the game will be over for you.

Final verdict- 

By completing the research on this game, recently came mode to play the widely popular game Among us, we recommend that you should try once to play the game in this among us jester mode, to have a completely different experience. 

It is advised to get the mode from a legal website and update your game. Don’t use third party descriptions. They can harm your device and steal your personal information.

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