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Among Us Prop Hunt Mod Apk {Nov} Learn The New Version!

Among Us Prop Hunt Mod Apk {Nov} Learn The New Version! >> Read the article and get to know about the new version of the trending game, know here details.

Among Us has been a name on every game addict’s tip and created a particular place among the gaming community. The social deduction game developed by Innersloth has a huge fan following base in the Philippines

But as the popularity grew, folks from the gaming universe started seeking something more challenging and adventurous. As it has a single Classic mode, people naturally lost taste in it. 

The Among Us Prop Hunt Mod Apk came into existence to rejuvenate the blandness and refreshing the game’s old style. It is an initiative by well-known You Tubers like CartOonz, H2ODelirious, and Jelly. Read the full article to know more about this new version.

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What is Among Us? 

It is an online space-themed game where players can take one of the two roles presented by Innersloth, which are Crewmates and Impostors. It was first released on 15th June 2018.

The Philippines people have taken the craze of this game to another level, and they have created a Facebook page for it. 

Though the game is getting lots of attention, recently, Among Us Prop Hunt Mod Apk, some famous streamers introduced a new version of the game. Read further for more details. 

What is this new version of the game?

Bored from playing the usual game of Among Us, popular streamers on YouTube come up with a new version of it. Claimed by one of the You Tubers, CartOonz, it is the most hilarious as of yet.

A distinctive kind of a game, as the name says, it allows players to disguise as a prop like an upload button, a toolbox, or a camera. 

But this is not the original version of the game so let’s see how to play Among Us Prop Hunt Mod Apk and if it’s that good? It is only for fun and exclusively created for some content creators.

How to play the Prop Hunt Mode?

All the players of Among Us are very well aware of the know-how and terminologies of the game. Similarly, the new version needs a little attention. Following are the steps which guide you to play it:

  • Join the lobby as familiar regular characters in the game.
  • As soon as you join the map, you will be disguised as the props in the game arena like hats, upload button, camera, emergency buttons, storage boxes, etc. 
  • In Among Us Prop Hunt Mod Apk, characters are free to roam anywhere, and the character’s name is not visible on the props.
  • The player cannot choose the props and are randomly handed.
  • The Impostor is also a prop, and the turning point is, it can kill anyone.
  • The Impostor will reveal its identity in the beginning but won’t say which prop it is.
  • Crewmates are also dressed as props and have to complete the available tasks to win the game. 

Final Verdict

A very peculiar but exhilarating version of Among Us, introduced by well-established YouTubers, is something that people may like. Until now, many gamers have taken a keen interest in it.

Because Among Us Prop Hunt Mod Apk is not an authentic version and only for some content creators. Therefore it is yet to receive people’s attention in mass. 

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