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Among Us Proximity Chat (Nov) Use Voice Chat In Game!

Among Us Proximity Chat (Nov) Use Voice Chat In Game! >> The write-up shares valuable details about the newly launched MOD proximity chat fixture in a multiplayer game.

Among Us is the multiplayer space-themed online game. People from Worldwide enjoy playing the game. The developers are continuously updating the game with new features and updates, of which Among Us Proximity Chat is the new MOD in the game that allows gamers to chat with each other while playing the game.

The new MOD for the game allows gamers to chat with each other in between the game. It has drastically changed the way players enjoy the Among Us game. The game’s chat function allows gamers to identify the imposters and kill them quickly. 

The proximity chat function in Among Us opens new avenues for the gamers to create strategies to win the game. However, the MOD is not fleshed out completely, but it has lots of potential for gamers. 

What is Among Us Proximity Chat MOD?  

The Among Us Proximity Chat is the new MOD included in the game. It is the server-side MOD that enables gamers to enjoy voice chat with other players in the team to create strategies and play the game while chatting. 

The proximity chat MOD is the primary feature of many online multiplayer games. Many multiplayer games already have the proximity chat feature.

Now players from Worldwide can have secret talks and chats with other crewmates so that robust strategies can be created to identify the imposters and kills them for rewards and wins. 

Apart from chatting and secret conversations with the teammates, the new MOD proximity chat fixture can also carry out emergency meetings with crewmates. 

How Proximity Chat influences the Game?

The full-fledged new MOD, Among Us Proximity Chat, may not sound a big deal for avid gamers, but it is the ideal fixture into the game that comes in small packages. If you are an avid gamer of Among Us, probably you might have noticed emergency meetings ending up with nobody ejected because no one has seen anything. 

The proximity chat function allows discussing in-map events together. It enables the players and crewmates to react to those events efficiently and timely without spending the precious buttons. The proximity chat allows the imposters to have only the imposter related discussions. 

The MOD Among Us Proximity Chat Download

Till now, everything sounds good, and gamers are now looking for methods to download the MOD Among Us Proximity Chat. Unfortunately, unless you are the YouTuber, Streamer, or content creator with traction, you won’t be allowed to access the proximity chat MOD. 

The MOD proximity chat is server-side implementation and the crucial part of NodePolus. Tr4cer, Sub, and Sombrio are developing it. The project is withdrawn presently, and it is closed to the general public. So, it is only available for download for the selected content creators with no ETA. 


The MOD proximity chat fixture is the best inclusion in the game that allows gamers to chat with crewmates. Unfortunately, it is closed for the general public and only available for content creators and streamers. 

Gamers have to stay updated with project development by checking online for the proximity chat MOD and reaching the content creators. 

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