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Amus.xys {Jan 2021} Read About The Screen Lock In Game!

Amus.xys {Jan 2021} Read About The Screen Lock In Game! >> Want to know about lock in pattern in the game, and wish to enjoy – check article for details.

It has true that Among Us themed lock screen has launched?- Before starting, we want to acknowledge our readers from Worldwide that instead of searching Amus.xys, search for Amus.xyz because it is the real website URL.

Let’s start a discussion about Among Lock-

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What is Among Us?

Among Us is an intuitive game that can be played by a group of people. It was released in 2018, and the game’s character is so popular in memes till 2020, as in recent news, it has broken several records and become a tough competitor among the top most popular games. InnerSloth, an American game studio, has developed this fascinating game.

The game is quite challenging, thus attracts every aged person Worldwide. The space theme and fantastic animation make this game eye-catching. Here, gamers can change the game character’s color and skin for free or obtain pets or mini crewmates with real cash. In Amus.xys, if you are a host, you can change the gameplay accordingly, such as numbering up imposters or less time for a group meeting.

What is the Lock Screen?

The lock screen has been come up with computer system and also for a mobile device. In our daily life, the mobile device has intermingled with us more than a PC. It has been more important to have a lock screen for our mobile device. The most important aspect of having a lock screen is that there will be no unwanted command sent while the mobile remains in a pocket or bag.

In Amus.xys you can lock the screen through various methods, though the screen locking with a special gesture made handy to everyone. You can quickly check all of your notifications without unlocking the screen. 

People can lock the mobile screen by certain passcode or swiping right/ left or up/ down. In the setting option, you can change the lock pattern if you want to. There is a special feature on many devices, i.e., face lock or voice lock.

A lock screen inspired by Among Us:

Among Us has been in the news regularly; the craze of Among Us game made its followers crazier. Recently, a fan has made Among Us themed lock screen; that has been named Among Lock. 

In Among Lock, your screen will show a passcode pattern, and in Amus.xys if you put the wrong passcode, you will be thrown into space like imposters in the game, and a message will be popped up showing that you aren’t the device owner. Try again.

Let’s know few features about it:

  • It locks up the emergency call button.
  • It stows away the face identification cartoon while swiping the screen up.
  • It hides the backspace option.
  • It uses the related video as wallpaper.

Gamer’s reaction on Among Lock:

Gamers from Worldwide showed an immense reaction after launching the Among Lock. The app has been downloaded in huge numbers in a single day. Among Us fans provided reviews that possess both positive and negative approaches; however, most of the reviews are positive, and fans enjoy this screen lock app.


People can try this new Among Lock as it is legit; however, a few points need to keep in mind, it can cause a security problem, block the device from receiving the update, etc.

Comment your views about Amus.xys in below.

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