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An Error Occurred Installing Ios 14.8 (Sep 2021) Read!

Please read this report to be aware of the latest security update for Apple users, An Error Occurred Installing Ios 14.8, and the guidelines to fix it.

Are you an iPhone user? Did you recently hear about the zero-click spyware that attacked Apple gadgets? Did you try to install the latest operating system, iOS 14.8 but faced some glitches? Then, please read this news report to answer all your doubts.

In today’s write-up, we have mentioned facts about An Error Occurred Installing Ios 14.8, to which iPhone users worldwide, especially in the United States, are waiting to find a solution. We have also discussed the details about the latest update. 

What is iOS 14.8?

Apple Inc. launched its latest version of the operating system called iOS 14.8 on 13 September 2021. This update would be compatible with the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad 5th generation, iPad mini 4, and all their subsequent generations. In addition, it shall also be available for the seventh generation of iPod touch. 

The update was released to specifically address security-related issues reported to the organization in the past months. However, An Error Occurred Installing Ios 14.8 to many users who tried to set up the update. 

According to the official update information, it involves two software called CoreGraphics and WebKit. These applications shall work to fix malicious PDF files and web content developed to breach the security and damage the systems.

What is Zero Click Spyware?

In July 2021, a team at the Citizen Lab, University of Toronto, analyzed the iPhone of a human rights activist from Bahrain and discovered that it was hacked with Pegasus. This dangerous software overtook Apple’s iMessage protection feature. To fight this, Apple launched the security update that recently showed An Error Occurred Installing Ios 14.8. 

The spyware was called zero-click as the user would not have to click on any icon or perform any action on their smartphone to activate the virus. The malicious software would automatically start accessing all the data on the system without the users’ awareness. Thus, it was a great threat to Apple Inc. as it challenged its security systems and exposed the users’ confidential data to hackers. 

After releasing this security update of iOS 14.8, Apple Inc. announced that they would incorporate efficient spyware protectors in their next models with iOS 15.

An Error Occurred Installing Ios 14.8 and How to Fix it

As Apple users worldwide hurried to install the latest security update to protect their devices and information, they experienced a bug while carrying out the task. Please find below the step-by-step method to troubleshoot this error.

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings and click on General.
  • Scroll down, click on iOS Beta software Profile, and remove the profile.
  •  If you still cannot install the update, try other methods like clearing your memory space, disabling low power mode, or restarting the device. 


The troubleshooting methods shall help you fix An Error Occurred Installing Ios 14.8. This update was much required to prevent Apple users from being victims of phishing activities. Additionally, you can find more about the malicious Pegasus spyware  and its origin. Are You Facing Any Error while installing iOS 14.8? Please share in the comments section below

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