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Angelo Wiki Moriondo {June} Want To Know? Read Here!

The guide shares details of Angelo Moriondo extracted from the Angelo Wiki Moriondo page. 

Do you crave a hot cup of espresso in the morning? Thanks to the godfather of the espresso machine, Angelo Moriondo. Angelo Moriondo is trending online as Google Doodle honored him yesterday, on 6th June, on his 171st birthday. 

In addition, the search engine honored the first inventor of the espresso machine with an artistic doodle on 6th June. The doodle was a delight for worldwide coffee lovers. The doodle was created by Olivia When. You may check the Angelo Wiki Moriondo for more details.

Who is Angelo Moriondo?

Angelo Moriondo is the godfather and the inventor of the espresso machine. He is trending online, especially after search engines released the doodle to honor him on his 171st birthday. Angelo Moriondo was born on 6th June 1851, in Italy. 

He was the first inventor of the espresso machine and belonged to a family of businessmen who never stopped him from brewing new projects and ideas. The Italian inventor was credited with patenting the famous espresso machine in 1884. His machine was first displayed at the General Expo in 1884, and he won a bronze medal. 

Why is Angelo Moriondo 2022 Trending?

On the 171st birthday of the godfather of the espresso machine, Angelo Moriondo, the search engine Google created and published a unique doodle on the 6th of, June Monday. The inventor of the espresso machine was born in Italy, and to honor the inventor, Google created a doodle.

The search engine respected the godfather of the espresso machine, saying, “today, the coffee lovers drink in honor of the espresso machine godfather.” As soon as the doodle started circulating, many coffee lovers searched for the godfather.

Many people visited the wiki page to know more about Angelo Moriondo 2022 doodle. He was known as the inventor of the 1st coffee machine, espresso, and later patented the machine under his right. You may check the wiki page to learn more about the inventor. 

Why Was His Invention Important?

Angelo Moriondo, when he invented the espresso machine, and coffee was at its peak popularity worldwide. But, coffee lovers experienced extreme inconvenience as they had to wait for a long time to brew their coffee. 

So, to reduce brewing time, Angelo Moriondo invented the first espresso machine. He was the first person to patent the espresso machine, as per Angelo Wiki Moriondo page. Later his machine got popular worldwide, and everyone started using the machine to brew coffee quickly and efficiently. Since he is considered the espresso machine’s godfather, Google honored him on his 171st birthday by releasing a doodle. 


Even coffee lovers were not aware of the godfather of the espresso machine until Google released the Doodle on 6th June to celebrate the 171st birthday of Angelo Moriondo. He was the inventor of the espresso machine and the first to patent the machine, as per Angelo Wiki Moriondo page. Angelo Moriondo was the inventor of the first espresso machine, and to celebrate his 171st birthday; Google released a Doodle on 6th June 2022. 

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