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Anime Adventures Tier List {July 2022} Find Details!

The write-up shares the Anime Adventures Tier List with the codes and their redemption. So, scroll down the post for further information.

Do you like playing anime games? Then, our Adventures Anime Tier List can be useful in determining the best characters, which is one element people in the United States and Brazil wish to learn.

We will rank every character in the gameplay, so you will know the troops to choose from while putting up the greatest team. If you are ready to obtain all the content in the gameplay, possessing the greatest units to build the squad is essential. So, let’s get started with the Anime Adventures Tier List

Anime Adventures Tier Record

With so much planned material for the game, knowing this category list will enable you to advance quickly through it. Tier records may change from time to time, as you can imagine. Events will progress when new characters are introduced or existing characters receive buffs and nerfs. To ensure that you’re at the head of the trend and in front of the opposition, review our tier chart frequently.


  • S – Dio, Itach, Marada, Rangoku, Diabolo
  • A – Aaron, Goku, Payne, Goku Rose,  Jotaro
  • B – Luffy, Bleach, Sasuke, Karyoin
  • C – Joe, Piccola, Luffo,  Johna
  • D – Krillo, Zoru, Jio

Anime Adventures Code

The most recent active codes for Roblox Anime Adventures are provided here. It can be exchanged for gems and summoning vouchers, which will let you buy items and unlock new avatars in the gameplay. However, codes invalidate after a certain period. Thus, be careful to use them as quickly as you can.

  • SubToBlamspot
  • KingLuffy
  • SubToKelvingts 
  • noclypso 
  • FictioNTheFirst 

Users have to complete these instructions to earn codes in Roblox Anime Adventures:

  • Using your computer or device, install Roblox Anime Adventures.
  • Here on the edge of the screen, select the Twitter icon.
  • Then copy a code from our list and paste it.
  • Put it in the input field.
  • To receive your prize, click the Redeem icon.

How to Use Anime Adventures Tier List?

  • In the Roblox game load “Anime Adventures”
  • Move across to the Summon portion of the main hub, or click the “Summon” button on the bottom left.
  • Choose the number of spins you wish to buy.

Users must first open Anime Adventures in Roblox in addition to twirling for these troops. Next, after you’re in the main hub, you may walk over to the Summon area or hit the Summon button on the left edge. Afterwards, you will see a page where you can choose how many spins you wish to make. While analysing Anime Adventures Script, we found that each “banner” contains a total of 6 units, and it changes each hour.

When do Will Anime Adventures add More Elements?

Although the exact date that new anime characters may appear in the game is unknown. This game’s Discord channel will often have the most up-to-date data and upcoming updates, so check there frequently.


You must be able to identify the top troops to take on all game elements and dominate the game using this tier list. Ensure to return frequently to ensure that you are updated on the rankings.

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