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Anime Fighting Simulator Cursed Technique {Aug} Read!

Anime Fighting Simulator Cursed Technique {Aug} Read! >> Are you interested in video games? Read this article to know about a technique used in anime video games.

Anime games have established their popularity worldwide. They are especially very popular amongst teenagers. Initially started in Japan, from where most of the successful anime characters and anime games have emerged, anime is now a well-known character and they have garnered immense fame due to their fighting technique and amazing stories. 

Apart from Japan, these are popular in countries like the United States and the Philippines. Presently there are thousands of anime characters in the world of anime.

In this article, we are going to tell you about Anime Fighting Simulator Cursed Technique

What is an anime fighting simulator?

Anime-inspired games which consist of fighting, mystical magic weapons, secret pathways, elixir, and much more have made their place in the gaming world in a very short period.

Anime fighting simulator is a video game that involves fighting skills and various fighting techniques used by different anime characters 

The game also consists of many codes which are known as anime fighting simulator codes. They help the players to win in-game rewards.

If you want complete detail for this video game, read more to know about Anime Fighting Simulator Cursed Technique

What are cursed techniques?

Cursed techniques or simple techniques are an important element of anime. They are an important part of advanced Jujutsu that renders specialized abilities to the user. It also includes barrier technique, Shikigami and Jujutsu. The release of curse energy from humans results in the creation of curses. Some examples of cursed techniques are Jogo’s Disaster flames, Hanami’s Disaster plants, and Mahito’s Idle transfiguration.

Apart from these, there are many more cursed techniques that exist for various anime characters.

Find more below.

Anime Fighting Simulator Cursed Technique

In the above paragraph, we have told you about anime fighting simulators and cursed techniques.

Remember that Innate techniques, Inherited technique, Barrier techniques and Extension techniques are a part of Cursed techniques

Here is a list of some more cursed techniques:

  • Kento Nanami: Ratio technique – the target is divided with ten lines and a weak spot is created forcibly.
  • Mai Zenin: Construction – it uses cursed energy to create something from nothing.
  • Kokichi muta: Puppet manipulation- allows this character to control cursed corpse puppet distantly
  • Tangen: Immortality – grants eternal life although the aging process continues
  • Jiro Kawasaki : Inverse 

These are some Anime Fighting Simulator Cursed Technique

There are many more cursed techniques that we are not telling you in this article as the list is lengthy. All these skills and techniques are very powerful in anime fighting simulators.

We will include some more techniques in upcoming articles.


In this research, we have described to you, various techniques of anime fighting simulators. The main motive of this research is to give you information about popular anime characters and anime games that have garnered fame worldwide.

Hope you are now well aware on Anime Fighting Simulator Cursed Technique 

Find Cursed Technique in detail here:  

If you want to add more on this topic, please use our comment section below.

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