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[Original Video] Antonio Brown Snapchat Post Video: How The Content Went Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter Media? Know Here!

Antonio Brown Snapchat Post Video is raising eyeballs for all his fans. It is reaching many people. But is the news genuine.

Do you remember Antonio Brown? If you do, you must have been a huge fan of his National Football League game. He is not in the play now. But, today is trending news. Do you know why? It is for his viral footage in his Snapchat post.

Fans of Antonio Brown in the United States are unhappy with his behavior. So, they are curious to know the certainty behind Antonio Brown Snapchat Post VideoIs the post done by himself or not? Let’s explore it here.

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Disclaimer: We do not urge any stories, nor are we supportive of them. The details provided here are only for informative purposes. 

The viral video on Snapchat

Antonio Brown’s Snapchat video took the attention of many of his followers on 17th January 2023. This attention-seeking clip shows Antonio Brown’s indecent activity with Chelsie Kyriss. 

However, a recent post by Antonio Brown on Twitter claimed that he did not post this video in his Snapchat story. He says that somebody has hacked his account. 

Viral Images of Antonio Brown

Apart from the video, a few images are circulating on the social platform. This image shows Chelsie Kyriss playing with Brown’s body parts. These images are trashing Antonio Brown’s career downwards.

The video and images posted on Snapchat grabbed attention and went Viral OnReddit.

The reaction of Chelsie Kyriss after the post

Chelsie Kyriss shared her opinion after the video and images uploaded by Antonio Brown. She mentioned that she requested Brown to keep their private time out of media coverage.

However, he ignored her request and moved forward to post it. She says that she had submitted a report against this page on Snapchat. However, Chelsie seems disappointed because Snapchat allowed Antonio to repost it.

Currently, the video and images are not available on the Snapchat account. But, some Youtube channels focus on this story and direct incorrect links.

Reaction of People

Several people want Antonio Brown to close down all his social media accounts. It is because of his repeated indecent post on his account. Many of his followers are his play fans, and he is a role model for them.

However, his frequent inappropriate posts give his followers the wrong message. Fans from Tiktok are making reels, which shows they are upset about Antonio Brown’s activity. At the same time, some of his fans unfollow him from his social accounts.

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Antonio Brown is also trending on his Instagram account. However, his explicit photo is not posted on this platform.



Enfolding up this news, we had given genuine clarity on the recent viral post of Antonio Brown Snapchat VideoThis indecent activity images and videos were released from Antonio Brown’s account. However, after his post that his account was hacked, the real culprit is not identified yet. 

Do you believe that Antonia Brown is trustworthy? Give your note in the comments.

 Antonio Brown Snapchat Post Video–FAQ

Q1. Who is Antonio Brown?

He is an American-based football player.

Q2. Is he a football player in the NFL?

No. his last match was on September 2019

Q3. On which team he played Football?

Pittsburg Steelers

Q4. Why arethey not allowed to play in the NFL?

He was kept out of the game due to his repeated controversial topics with another player named Tom Brady.

Q5. Why is he in the news now?

His Snapchat account was posted with his intimate images and videos. It is getting viral worldwide now.

Q6. Is the post available on Telegram?


Q7. Is the post available on any other social platform?

Yes, some social platforms have allowed this post.

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