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Aoilshop.com Reviews {April} Read before order from it!

Aoilshop.com Reviews {April} Read before order from it! >> You must read this post before placing an order from this website. Get proper info about the Pros and Cons of using Aoilshop first!

We often get nostalgic when we think of our childhood and relive what we use to be as a child; all those games with besties and buddies. Hanging out together sitting on the swings and spending almost an entire day with them. 

There are a lot of ideas that have converted into an online store. We often get surprised when we see that there are categories that we have never thought of. And especially when we find that there is something just for kids its cherry on the cake.  

Today, we will share a post having an analysis about aoilshop.com website and customer given aoilshop.com reviews. Well, this will help you in knowing more about this ecommerce website.

What Is Aoilshop?

It is an online store that provides 100 curated products every month. It is a United States-based company that partners with global merchants and artisans to provide the best price and interesting products. 

Their goal is “to provide amazing products at amazing prices.”  

This United States based website provides a vast and unoriginal collection of products on their online portal. This helps in expanding your creativity and thoughts towards a playful future for your child. 

There are the following categories: 

  1.  Home products
  2. Arts and crafts 
  3. Active play 
  4. Carpets and rugs
  5. Kids bike 
  6. Kids playhouse 
  7. Playsets 
  8. Trampoline 

Who’s This For? 

Yes, this website is useful to all the parents who want to deliver the best for their kids; this is the best online shop for you. There are a lot of requirements that need to be fulfilled by parents to make their kids active in this lazy world as kids forget the true meaning of playtime and invest their time on the laptop or mobile. Aoil Shop is the best place for all parents to keep their kids happy and active. 


  • A huge and original collection 
  • Shipping worldwide 
  • Customers are not responsible for return shipping; it is free!
  • Refund is available on all returned items. 


  • Final sale item cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged 
  • No cancellation of orders once they are arranged for delivery

Features of Aoil shop 

To compete with the existing competitions, companies have to come up with different strategies so that they can keep their customers uptight with them. Brand loyalty is a difficult thing to manage when there are so many companies delivering the same things. 


Not satisfied with your order? No issues! Goods can be returned or exchanged for no reason within 14 days after the purchase. A refund is made right after the return of products. Still, if you are facing any issues with the product, a return request can be made within 45 days of receipts for most items, but they should be in new condition, and return shipping is free. 

There are a few guidelines that need to be taken care of before returning the products; the items must be in the same condition, unworn, undamaged, and in original packing with tags attached. Aoilshop respects its customers; hence they don’t put any responsibility pon the customer for the return. Items that are bought on final sale are not applicable for return, refund, or exchange.


As soilshop is associated with its partners, the shipping is done directly from the partners; hence it takes around 7-12 business days to arrive. The order is shipped from global areas like Thailand, China, India, etc. International shipping is also available so that people from all across the globe can be benefited from the curated products. 

As they ship worldwide, the product may be lost or checked, but don’t worry cause they strive for customer satisfaction; hence they will deliver the order again. But they don’t believe in redelivering if you’ve provided a wrong address to aoilshop. And, that is why, we have seen few angry customer reviews about shipping issues. Well, social media platforms have such messages and reviews about this website.


There are three mediums of making a payment on aoilshop.com 

  1. Credit card – Visa and MasterCard 
  2. Western union 
  3. Bank transfer 

Worried about online scams? All online payments that you do on aoil shop are secure and protected. Encryption is applied to the order system so that your personal information is protected on the website. 

There are times when you make a payment and error occur, well the unpaid order gets canceled within 24 hours, and you have to reorder all that you want. However, some customers have shared their issues with the store regarding this in their aoilshop reviews over Facebook.


There are times when you change your mind once an order is placed. You can cancel your order but before the goods are delivered. It becomes difficult to provide service as once the orders are successfully issued and disposed of, you can’t make changes or cancel them. 

It is a hassle when delivering worldwide if you don’t receive your order within 2 weeks, kindly contact them via mail or customer care service. 


Well, it is an interesting online store that helps in providing excellent products with good customer service. Along with some angry customers are also there. 

With this, we are ending our review post about this store. You have read everything about this store. We have shared information with all positive and negative points. Now, you will have the ease to decide about placing this order. Think and take a decision!

30 thoughts on “Aoilshop.com Reviews {April} Read before order from it!

  1. I ordered a kids playset from them yesterday for 95.78. It was a hugely discounted product (650+)
    When my credit card was charged, it was to a company – Tomayhot, for 195.77.
    The only contact info for them is an email address. Still waiting.
    I would be very surprised if I get a response.
    Hopefully someone sees this before purchasing from them as I personally believe I was scammed.

      1. Same with me, I ordered the same swing set and my card was charged in two different amounts that added up to close to 200 dollars with some weird names like you stated. My bank denied to payment and closed my card. I tried to contact the company myself to see if it was them and why the name and amounts being different but no one has emailed me yet. Of course there is no number to call and my order still says pending. I’m starting to wonder if this is a scam artist at work!

        1. I ordered a trampoline for 70.89 and they charged my card for over 150. It is a big scam

  2. I just bought a play set will i even get it my bill was 115$ should i cancel with my credit card

    1. I was tracking my order for three weeks all looked good.till wouldn’t accept my password then couldn’t get a reply on my email acct wouldn’t send my reset to my email but says it did.really nervous.watching my acct like a hawk.

    1. i just the super discounted montpelier playset and nowa fter reading these im not so sure how legit this company is. has anyone heard

    2. So glad i read all these reviews. I told my hubby these was too good to be thru. Y’all just saved me from been scammed

  3. I’ve ordered from scam sites like this before therefore I know not to fall for the ridiculously low prices. You order and nothing comes and they will not respond to you.


  4. I want to cancel the order I just made a few minutes ago for a trampoline now that I’ve read the reviews. How do o get ahold of someone ?

    1. Also looking to review an order that might be a problem need to contact! Trampoline order lile Bonnie Weaver!

    2. I wish I would have seen this a few minutes ago I knew this was to good to be true.. I feel so dumb. I tried to cancel my order as well but it doesn’t give me the option. Did it tell you that they only take MasterCard?

  5. I’ve been scammed by Aoilshop as well. I bought a playset for $115.6 including tax, but they charged my credit card for $136.7 under a weird name (Adfund). It’s been 20 days and I’ve not heard from them; not even a single email. I found this company through facebook marketplace and I thought it’s legit, but nothing except SCAM. Shame on facebook to allow scammers advertise on its website.

  6. I ordered a play set for my kids and never received the item. I have contacted them through email and Facebook messenger and absolutely nothing. I am trying to dispute the charge and I want to get a lawyer because it’s not right what they are doing to people

  7. M#%}*+f+*Kers see shit here like this is, distorting and so sad. How the fk does Facebook allow these scammers, thank goodness I read, I will let my daughter know, not to order. She just FaceTime me asking me mom look at this shit, can this be for real I told her let me do my homework, and here it is, I feel for those, makes me angry, especially stuff for children, smmfho. They should be brought to incarceration, especially through our time of crisis

  8. I’m glad I used my paypal cash card. Just turned off automatic top up. It wont go through. I thought it was weird mo paypal option.

  9. You all are my saving grace seen this and decided its a wrap looks like i’m not ordering from this place thank you everyone I was buying for my grand kids, with limited income I did take the time to find this page and learned from your mistakes. So sorry all of you lost money.

  10. Scam. I got scammed like this the other day by a company just like this called fibre club ! Don’t do it

  11. All the emails bounce back. My bank called and they somehow used my card for other places also. Facebook should be ashamed for allowing them to advertise.

  12. Same here i ordered a trampoline from them for $67.24 and was charged $96.00 on my credit card . I got emails from them letting me know it was ready to ship then was shipped to shipping containers and was going yo take 30-45 days now im getting a notice of customer tax declaration . I tried to contact them but no phone number only an email address that no one responds to , so i feel i was scammed but still waiting to see

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