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Aoziw Reviews [July] Is This A Legitimate Website?

Aoziw Reviews [July] Is This A Legitimate Website? >> If you are looking for a website that sells swimming pools, read the complete review.

Do you have an interest in spending time in pools with your family? If you do so, then the website we bring before you today could be best to be trustworthy as some of the best items for pool or available on this website. The website Registration was done in the United States as families of this country love to do pool parties. 

The website review for today will help you to acknowledge more about Aoziw Reviews

What is Aoziw? 

Aoziw Is a website that deals in constructive pools that could be built anywhere. All the products shown on this website have a pretty low cost compared to the market that are rarely available. All the products on this website come from a very famous brand whose quality is beyond our expectations.

 According to the market prices, these products are available at a meagre price, making people think that it’s a great chance to get one for their family. Due to all this, we are easily able to experience the fun at the pool. Is Aoziw Legit is a ubiquitous question frequently asked by the customers who want to buy products from this website. 


  • Domain age:-16th of November 2020 is the official registration date for this website.  
  • URL:- https://aoziw.com/. 
  • Category:-this website falls under the category that provides pools. 
  • Email, Contact info:- information regarding the contact us was not available on the website officially.  
  • Payment mode:- Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, diners club, discover are the payment options for this website. 
  • Return policy:- The products can be returned after seven days of delivery. 
  • Refund Policy:- Refunds will be available. 
  • Shipping policy:- delivery will be free. 
  • Delivery policy:- no specific time is available on the website.  

Regarding Aoziw Reviews pros and cons The information is given below. 


  • We found a certified SSL dolphin certificate and a proper HTTPS protocol. 
  • Online selling is the way of dealing with this website. 
  • With the help of the payment options using this website, we can quickly get our money back. 


  • WHOIS is being used for hiding the identity of the owner. 
  • The website is being hosted in a country that is having a higher risk. 
  • We can see high no. of suspicious websites on the same server as this website. 
  • This website had many threat profiles. 

Is this website Legit?

Is Aoziw Legit? Can customers rely on websites like these? These are the most common questions that usually the customers make while deciding to use the website for Buying products. There is always a probability of getting stuck in any kind of fraud. If we need to make our self secure from all these kinds of fraud, we need to make sure that we totally check the reviews, legitimacy points, pros and cons for a particular website. As in the case for this website, some of the legitimacy points regarding Aoziw Reviews are mentioned below. 

  • 16 November 2020 is the registration date for this Domain name. 
  • Very low trust score about 3% was given to this website by our sources.
  • Due to the to mean age the Alexa rank given to the society is 0. 
  • Policies for this website are fake and worthless. 
  • The policies even seemed copied from another website that are currently in high standard of online trading. 
  • The owner is using WHOIS for hiding his current identity. 
  • We do not have any information about the social media presence for this website. 

All the points mentioned above helps us to justify that this website is not legit. 

What are Aoziw Reviews? 

Customer reviews is I think that makes this website own some kind of value in the online market. Customer reviews is somewhat like goodwill as the goodwill increases the amount of customers keep on increases. As there are plenty of diddle websites that always wants you to feel despair. This website is also one of them as no customer reviews for this website was available. 

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Conclusion based on Aoziw Reviews is that this website is not to be trusted at any cost no matter what the circumstances as this website is fake. This is all for today’s website review; if you find it helpful, please give your regards in the form of comments. 

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