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Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event – Major Changes

On the 14th of September, 2021, the latest event for Apex Legends went live. It is the Evolution Collection Event and, it came with several changes. The changes consist of some balancing reworks for Legends and weapons, some quality of life patches, and the inclusion of new cosmetic items. Here we will explore those changes that will have the greatest effect on the meta of the game.

Rampart – Sheila Gets to Move

Since she was released, Rampart was not seen as much of a threat when played against. Hence, she did not see much action on the battlefield and suffered from a fairly low pick rate. 

Rampart can deploy transparent shields through which you can shoot but, the enemy can’t, and she also has some extra ammo in her mags if she uses LMGs. Her ultimate allowed her to place a stationary minigun, called Sheila that can wipe out complete squads if placed at the right location. However, while using this minigun you can’t move and are exposed to tons of enemy fire. 

The reason for Rampart’s low pick rate was the mobility of her ultimate or lack thereof. With the Evolution Collection Event patch, this is not the case anymore. Now Rampart can run while Sheila is in her hands and, she can also shoot while walking. This can seriously boost her pick rate and makes her a much more viable option.

Bloodhound – Communication is Key

Bloodhound’s strong suit is intel. He is the perfect operator for figuring out the locations of enemies. His passive ability allows him to see the footsteps of enemies along with the time that those footsteps were placed. He can also ping these footsteps for teammates. Now as he pings these footsteps, the time of these footsteps will show up in the quick chat informing teammates.

Hemlock – Much Better

Hemlock was a beast of a weapon until it was nerfed a few seasons back. Since then its use has been declining steadily. With this new patch, Hemlok gets a better hipfire pattern and a faster hipfire reset. These changes will most likely boost its effectiveness.

L-STAR – It Was Too Good

L-STAR quickly became one of the top choices for an Arena weapon because of its low price and high effectiveness in killing enemies. However, with this patch, its magazine overheat threshold is reduced by 2 and its price has been increased by 100 for base variant. This will make it a bit more balanced.

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