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Arcane Renata Glasc (Feb 2022) Know About The Character!

This article below provides information on the League of Legends’ character and tells you how Arcane Renata Glasc is different from other characters.

Are you looking for information related to one of the famous characters in League of Legends, i.e. Renata Glasc? Also, do you want to know how Renata is related to the other characters in the League of Legends anime series Arcane?

League of Legends is a popular game Worldwide, and people want to know about Renata and how Arcane Renata Glasc is related to other characters in the anime. So let’s find out.

Who is Renata Glasc?

Renata Glasc is the 159th playable character in the League of legends. She’s also a champion with a mechanical arm that she can adjust according to her power and strengthen herself. According to the rumors, the champion is from Zaun and holds a powerful ability to be a game-changer in League of Legends.

Many people claim that they have seen this character in Netflix’s famous anime show “Arcane”, but there aren’t any concrete proofs to back this statement. Well, let’s dig deeper and find out. 

Is Arcane Renata Glasc related to other characters?

There are many rumors Worldwide that Renata Galsc is related to other characters of the Arcane show like Sevika, Silco and Viktor. However, Renata Glasc seems identical to Sevika because of the mechanical arm that she can modify and adjust accordingly. 

However, there are many other characters in the game and the show who have mechanical arms, but that doesn’t mean that they are related to some other characters. Also, it is stated by the officials that Renata Glasc and Sevika are not the same character and are also different from other ones. 

How did Renata and Sevika lose their arm?

As per the officials and creators of Arcane Renata Glasc, it is said that Renata loses her arm while saving her parents from an attack. On the other hand, Sevika lost her arm, saving her friend silco from the attack of Vi and Vander. 

The Renata mechanical arm is different from Sevika and more advanced, too, whereas the mechanical arm of Sevika only holds a hidden blade. 

Was Renanta Glasc in Arcane series?

No, Renata wasn’t in the Arcane series, as the developers of League of Legends state that they pushed the release of Zeri and Renata because of the release of Arcane. They don’t want to interfere with Arcane Renata Glasc with the celebration of Arcane.

However, some people claim that they have seen Renata in the Arcane not as a significant character but as a side role. Maybe, the director of Arcane has added some easter eggs in the show to welcome the new character in the League of Legends. 

Wrapping it up

With the above information, we can conclude that Renata has become a significant character  in the League of legends. Also, there isn’t any proof found regarding the connection of Renata with any other characters in Arcane. 

What are your views on Arcane Renata Glasc? Share us in the comment section below and tell us what you think about the connection.

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