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Are Tornadoes In Fortnite {Jan} Read New Feature Update!

The article on Are Tornadoes in Fortnite will tell about the latest weather system that comes along with the updates.

Are you aware of the latest update that arrives in Fortnite? Do you know that weather changes are up in the line? Players in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom eagerly search for weather updates.

Read here to know about the upcoming weather forecast and whether it is good or bad for you. Let us further discuss Are Tornadoes in Fortnite actually true and how it works?

The weather update is finally in Fortnite

There was so much excitement among the players of Fortnite with the new chapter. It was launched approximately one month ago. Since then, players have got multiple updates and bug fixes.

The game developer has finally added the major change in the Fortnite game. With the update in the v19.10 that arrived on January 11 and went live from 9:00 am, people eagerly search for everything they get. Players experience weather changes like tornados, lightning strikes, and flare guns in the new patch.

Are Tornadoes in Fortnite?

The wind cloud is indeed following you anywhere at any time. From now till the next updates, you may experience tornadoes frequently. It is tornado week which will be there till January 17.

What is there in the new weather system?

Next on, if you play and see the dark cloud following, you should not be scared; it is very normal with the new weather system.

Also, no worries if you are scared about getting struck by lightning in Chapter 3, Fortnite: Battle Royale Island. It is because it wouldn’t strike back to back. So, now Are Tornadoes in Fortnite.

How does it work- the tornado?

Like natural tornadoes, there is also a tall, dark whirling column of wind that moves over the map in the game. It will suck up your cars, vehicles, nearby scenery, and everything else that isn’t attached.

However, it would help if you weren’t scared because they won’t harm you and can even help you. You’ll be carried up into the cloud after you’re stuck in the vortex, and you’ll be able to keep swirling around until the tornado spits you out or you decide to go out of it.

Are Tornadoes in Fortnite doing damage the most common search? Although you won’t incur damage if you land, it’s a better idea to employ tornadoes to open your glider at their maximum speed so you can go over great distances rapidly.

Brief on lightning:

One more thing to watch is Fortnite lightning that strikes overhead in the dark cloud. A few seconds before the lightning bolt strikes, you will see the electric blue flickering and can improve your chances of being struck.

Also, you did not worry about catching fire and damage because you’ll get a momentary speed boost to help you go around faster and catch your opponents off guard.


Are Tornadoes in Fortnite do damage? Thankfully, it is not; instead, you get a significant speed boost. Do not forget to check the updates of the game.

What are your views on the weather effects? Please tell us in the comment section below how it affects your gaming style.

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